"Upgrade to Invite" (who? to do what?!)

This is where I make a fool of myself no doubt, for asking a dumb question…!

But as a Standard Sitter, I couldn’t find anything that said “invite” in the extras that Premium sitters get.

Sit cancellation insurance

2 global airport lounge passes

and Premium badge on your profile

So what does Upgrade to invite mean?

(If it’s to contact Homeowners, I thought I had that already?!)

Thank you


Hi, @BillyBonnieBenji ! There are no dumb questions. I think you are referring to the ability for a HO to invite a sitter. It’s a feature of the HO membership, not the sitter’s membership.


Thanks a lot @mars !

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Any question is a good question for everyone.


Hi @BillyBonnieBenji welcome to our community forum and I see you have made connections already and thank you @mars for helping explain … and as Mars says there are no “dumb questions” if you don’t know something the only way to find out is ask. Our community members are incredibly helpful, we all remember that we were new once upon a time.

Thank you for joining and we look forward to getting to know you and sharing in your Trustedhousesitters journey.

Angela and the Team

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Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager . I am enjoying the forum, and learning about sitters and homeowners, so I’m prepared for my first sit.

Great idea when I hit reply, to have the reminder pop up for us all to be kind and improve the conversation. Every online forum needs this!

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