Upstate NY caregiver hopes to get away

Hello everyone, after two months of caring for my wife 24/7 during her final illness, I hope to spend time with my son in Switzerland in November 2022. Exact dates are flexible. The home is in the western suburbs of Albany and includes all maintenance, utilities, several restaurant or take out meals each week, and a delightful cat. I’m not sure how to link to the listing, but it can be found under “Albany.”


Hi @Richard - My condolences on the loss of your wife. Your listing is linked to your forum profile and looks great. Your offer of restaurant meals is really generous and I think you should get some applications to care for Charlie whilst you visit your son very soon.


So sorry for the loss of your wife @Richard. As @Colin says, your offer is really very generous, just wish I was in a position to sit for you but will be in New Zealand sitting there instead. I’m sure you’ll get some responses and hope you find a good sitter for Charlie.


Hi @Richard, I thought it was a much longer sit duration when you first invited me. Perhaps I can help you if your dates are flexible. I’m waiting for a response from someone who might need me over Thanksgiving. I’ll know my availability better after that. Let’s talk.

I’m very sorry for the loss of your wife and am glad you’ll be able to spend time with your son soon.

Charlie sounds absolutely purrfect! Your listing looks great overall—may I make a few suggestions that might encourage sitters to apply?

  • I noticed you tagged “Sitters need a car,” but mention that you’re near malls, activities, and downtown. Is there public transportation that could take sitters to those places, thus eliminating the need for a car? You could mention that a car would be convenient, but not necessary.

  • Along the same lines, I’m always grateful when listings mention the actual distance to specified locations; everyone has a different idea of what “nearby” is. So, for example, instead of “Near Crossgates and Colonie Malls, downtown Albany, New York Thruway”, you could write…
    Nearby attractions:
    Crossgates Mall: X miles
    Colinie Mall: X miles
    downtown Albany: X miles
    New York Thruway: X miles

  • How many hours are you comfortable with Charlie being home on his own? I find this an important point that many listings leave out, and it saves everyone time if it’s mentioned upfront in the Responsibilities section.

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One more thing! If your dates are flexible, it could help to state that right in the title: FLEX DATES: Charming Cottage with Amenities…etc.

Thanks for the suggestions, incorporated the mileage, under 3 for nearly all, explained public transport, and added a “home alone” comment.
Since the algorirhm resends to all invitees when dates change, I think I’ll leave that for now.

Looks excellent!