Urgent cat sitter needed in Matlock, Derbyshire

Dates:12 April to 3 May
Location: Matlock, Derbyshire

Request: We have made last minute plans to visit our daughter and new grandchild in The Philippines. We haven’t yet met the new arrival and haven’t seen our daughter sonic 2019, so this is a much needed get together. We need a sitter for our low maintenance cat, Pino and our lovely new home in the Derbyshire Dales.

Hi @Marian and how lovely that you have been able to make plans to travel and meet your new grandchild!

“Lovely new-build house and cat-sit in picturesque Derbyshire Dales” describes your sit so that people can find it. Pino is adorable and your wonderful references are testament to what a lovely sit this will be for someone looking to spend time giving Pino all the company he needs!

There are a couple of other things we can do to help. As this is a last minute sit, we can share it on our social media channels… we just need your permission, so let me know here. I can also add your listing link into your forum profile if you’d like to give some extra exposure among our forum members.

Matlock and the Dales are a simply beautiful area and spring is a lovely time to be there (I know this from experience!) so I hope you get some applicants very soon!

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Hi Vanessa and thank you for getting back to me so promptly.
Yes, we had hoped our family would be able to travel to the UK but the UK passport office has not sorted this and it is almost 5 months now! Hence the last minute plans.
I am more than happy for this to be listed on social media. I presume there is security so we aren’t alerting people to the fact that we are away?
I really appreciate your help as we don’t want to put Pino in a cattery for three weeks.
Many thanks

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The Facebook Social channel is a public page which is why we ask for permission… so maybe that’s not the best option for you? Let me tag @Angela-CommunityManager for when she’s back on line tonight as this is her domain so she’ll be best able to advise you. In the meantime hopefully you’ll get some applications through the day!

Thanks Vanessa
I’m sure there’s a way of ensuring security even on a public page and hope that Angela is able to help

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Hi @Marian I will Direct Message you …

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