Urgent dog/house sitter needed

Dates: 16th Feb - 1st March
Location: Chichester, West Sussex
Country: U.K

To look after our two gorgeous Labradoodles, one very independent cat and chuck food in a hamster cage! The dogs are really easy (and pretty lazy) but do need one good walk in the day and taking out for short neighborhood pee and sniff in the morning and evening. We live in the centre of Chichester - a lovely, historic, walled town with incredible countryside walks nearby and also beautiful beaches, coast and estuary. Lots of great pubs, shopping, coffee shops, parks and a nationally renowned theatre on your doorstep (literally, across the road!)


Welcome to the forum @Labradoodlelove and I can see why you’ve picked that name on checking out your listing - Rupert and Otto (and Gatsby) look extremely lovable!!

It looks like you’ve done all you can to showcase this listing and you are today coming up as the first sit under Chichester, with both new and last minute labels. I see you’ve also linked here in your forum profile which has shown to help. I hope you’ll get some enquiries over the weekend.

The use of a car is a great bonus too for taking the dogs on their walks, and for exploring the local area. We are currently sitting not far away near Storrington, and this is a fabulous area, lots of lovely villages, Chichester is a wonderful city, and of course the Downs are on hand for long hikes with the dogs! I’d certainly recommend this to anyone wanting to experience a great region of southern England.

All the best, Vanessa

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Hello and welcome. I’ve viewed your listing. The only thing I can suggest is to also add photos of the bedroom and bathroom the sitter will use, and perhaps of what I’m guessing might be the other side of the kitchen. One photo seems to shows part of the kitchen in the background. I notice your home is also two storeys. You might want to mention whether the bedroom is on the ground floor or upstairs. Stay away from saying ‘first floor’ as that has a range of interpretations. Oh, and your Labradoodles are gorgeous :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thank you Vanessa! I used to live in Storrington - lovely village…
Fingers crossed I’ll find someone!


What a coincidence! It is a lovely village you are right… has everything you need but in a small compact village (including Waitrose which is a welcome treat on the doorstep). We are here for 5 weeks otherwise we’d have loved to have moved just down the road :slight_smile: