Urgent Dog sitter needed in Oregon 3-10-3/27, last minute cancellation

Dates: March 10-27
Location: Medford, OR
Country: USA

Request: Last minute dog sitter needed for 1 year old Aussiedoodle. Multiple last minute cancellations, help a family out so we can enjoy our trip to Costa Rica!


Last minute cancellations? They seem very easy, too easy to do, to my point of view. Reasons given?
I thought people were commited when they confirmed?

Many things can occur, including COVID positivity, tragedies, etc. In a perfect world there would never be a cancellation, but I myself had to cancel on a sitter once when I broke my leg, so could not go on the vacation that was planned. In most instances, a sitter can find another sit relatively quick since there are so many available.

Hi Holly,

I’m new to Community Forum and just joined to search cancellation info bc Ihad a sit which was recently canceled in Ashland. And I will spare you the details but due to my search on this topic, I just stumbled across your post and hope that even as I write your family is enjoying your planned trip.

But I also wanted to mention that, should you ever need a reliable sitter in the future, I’m a former and longtime Ashlander from the Bay Area and love to sit up here. I also love doodles! I have now gotten to care for 2 delightful Aussiedoodles and one Sheepadoodle and fell head over heels for each of them. So if you ever need a sitter and would like to connect in the future, please feel free to reach out. One key consideration: I have a sweet, well behaved Aussie Border rescue of my own who generally accompanies me everywhere. He’s done many sits with me and is extremely well cared for and well behaved. He’s also enjoyed being with every doodle we’ve ever sat for, and comes with excellent references of his own, if that’s something you’d like to consider. Best regards,

Hi @erinnr welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining and for your introduction an off of help to Holly, there is a Direct Message option if you wish to discuss details of a sit or anything on a one to one conversation basis.

Thank you for sharing your lovely photograph too.

Angela and the Team

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