Urgent: Need sitter for May 16-24

Dates: may 16-24
Location: Loch Lomond area
Country: Scotland, United Kingdom

Request: Hello, I had a sitter and she cancelled last minute. Have two large dogs, Duke & Earl who are playful for about an hour then lazy the rest of the day. Earl is a Danedoodle and Duke is a blonde long hair lurcher. I work during the week so our schedule is walk in the morning and when I get home from work. They get fed twice a day with treats as well. They have access to the house and garden during the day.

Please let me know if you are able to accommodate the dates requested.

Thank you,


Hi @cerelleaustingooding I’m so sorry that you sitter has cancelled and have added the listing link to your forum profile now other forum members can view your sit and may give some helpful feedback and tips.

You live in a lovely area, it would be a wonderful opportunity for dog lovers to explore your area of the Scottish west coast while enjoying the companionship of two gentle giants.

Have you reached out to sitters and perhaps previous applicants?

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Thank you for helping me out. I’m pretty sure I’ve invited 99% of the sitters in Glasgow. Fingers crossed this helps.

Have a great evening.


I do hope you get another sitter(s) as Duke & Earl look gorgeous. Just sorry it can’t be me this time