URGENT: Puerto Rican Paradise 30 Dec - 11 Jan 2022

Dates: 30 December 2021 - 11 January 2022
Location: Guaynabo/Bayamon
Country: Puerto Rico


We are an an Australian family who have moved to Puerto Rico this past year. We are a family of three humans - me, my husband and 6 year old son and two fur babies - dog, Tim Tam and cat, Meow Meow. We have an apartment in Guaynabo. We are easy going, fun, English speakers and living in our own little piece of paradise.

We are looking for someone or a couple (with or without kids) to come and look after our fur babies while we are away for 10 days.

The cat and dog just need a little attention and to be fed and watered daily. The dog also needs to be walked for toilet breaks and for a bit of exercise. They are good natured and cute. The cat is a little crazy at times…


Welcome @Passionate_in_Puerto_Rico to both TrustedHousesitters and the forum! I see that you’ve just joined today so it doesn’t look as if your listing is live yet… but no doubt it will all be ready for members to view very soon. We hope you find someone to look after your fur babies while you go away… I would imagine Puerto Rico will be on many of our members wish lists!

Just a tip… once your listing is live, you can put a link to it on your forum profile. You’ll find the instructions here. You can also invite members directly through your main dashboard on the website. Good luck and all the best, Vanessa and the team


Muy Bienvenidos @Passionate_in_Puerto_Rico!
I know that area quite well and wow what an opportunity for you as well as your future sitters.
I’m sure the team here will boost your listing.
Definitely adding you to my favs

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Garcias @Amparo ! :sparkling_heart:

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