Urgent sitter needed 4th/12th May

Dates: 4th May to 12th May
Location: petworth West Sussex

Request: help! In urgent need of a last minute sitter as have been let down.

Hi @Molly1954 I can’t find your listing, based on the details you’ve provided. Please review your listing and make sure the details are as you’re showing here.

It is listed as South Downs National park and then petworth
Thanks for the reply!

Sorry just checked! Beautiful cottage in the South Downs national park near Petworth!

Hi @Molly1954 listing link is now in your forum profile … thank you @Snowbird

Hi @Molly1954 My apologies as it is displaying for me now, even though it didn’t for multiple searches. I’ll put it down to computer gremlins. :wink:

Forum members, this is a family friendly sit in a beautiful setting. Please check it out and see if you can help. :heart:

Hello @Molly1954 , I found your ad straight away when I entered “Petworth” into the search field. I live only 30 miles away from you, in Brighton, but I am sadly unavailable at the moment, as I am raising a litter of three kittens (probably my last litter, they are only 4 weeks old), but if I can help in some other way than staying in your home for a week I would be happy to do it.
For example, I could come for a day or two on the weekend and take your dogs out for walks and feed them, so your live-in sitter (I hope you find someone) can have a day out, for example to visit London or Stonehenge, or Brighton. Just a suggestion.

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Thank you so much that is so kind of you. I have had a response from my post so hope that I might find someone. Thank you for the kind offer of help