URGENT Sitter Needed 6-Aug to 13/14-Aug in historic and bewitching Salem, MA

Dates: 6-Aug to 13/14-Aug (We can come back either day)
Location: Salem, MA
Country: US
Link to Listing URL:

Request: I am looking for a petsitter to come and look after my rescues (2 dogs and 2 cats) while we travel back home to Canada. Our location is within walking distance to downtown Salem and public transportation is easily accessible. Lots of interesting stuff to do locally. Harry Hashbrown, Peaches Chicken Noodle, Pepper, and Tookie Bob would love to meet you!

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@JennySalem perhaps consider inviting sitters from Boston and your immediate area. Create a friendly message that you can copy into each invite, as a time-saver.

You might find this post helpful: Steps to searching for sitters

Perhaps mention that you are flexible on your end date, as that might be important to someone.

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Thanks @Snowbird.

I was starting to think there might be something wrong with my profile but I’ve just been searching for sitters and only found one that was available out of dozens (searching in Massachusetts).

I wish the search functionality had availability as a criteria to filter on–maybe a future thing!

In the meantime, I’m continuing to look at profiles and see if someone might want to come love my furry family members for a week!

@JennySalem Just checking - only check their calendar to see if they’re on a THS sit - black line across white background. Other than that, there’s no assurance the calendar is being used by the sitter.

Yes, we all have our wish lists of what we’d like to see done differently. :slightly_smiling_face: