Urgent Sitter needed for 2 cavapoos in Co Durham 8/4/22-10/4/22

Location:Shotley Bridge, County Durham

Hi All,

Hoping to find a new sitter, as the one previously confirmed has just come down with COVID. We are going away to a friends wedding, so just need a sitter for the weekend. Please get in touch if you are able to help. The link to the original listing is in my forum profile.


Hello @ODavidson and sorry your first visit to the forum is because of a Covid cancellation. You are appearing in the last minute sits on the main website so I hope you’ll get new applications very soon. We can also share your listing on social media but we do need your permission to do that, so let us know here if you’d like to take that option.

We do ask all forum members to add links to listings in their forum profile rather than in comments, so I’ve done that for you. It’s a simple cut and paste to view it.

You have 2 adorable Cavapoos… please feel free to add some pictures here if you’d like. This would be a perfect weekend sit for someone - cavapoo-cuddles and a hot tub! Fingers crossed for you !

I always forget that much of the world puts the dates first and then the month and was thinking… You’re canceling a sit months away because your sitter got covid?! Ohhhh… It’s April 8-10. :sweat_smile:

I so hope you are able to find someone to take care of your babies on short notice.

Hi Vanessa

Thanks very much for your reply. I am happy for you to share that on your social media pages, whatever you can do to try to help us get another sit lined up in time.
I think our house would be a lovey little getaway for someone. Who could ask for more than adorable puppy cuddles and a bubbling hottub?!
Thanks Olivia

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My first thought also!

The US convention of month-day-year really doesn’t make sense. It should be smallest to largest, so day-month-year is more logical, I think.

I’m tagging @Angela-CommunityManager here so that she can do the social share for you. Good luck and hope you get to your wedding!

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