Urgent sitter needed May 1st-10th

Dates: May 1st - May 10th 2022
Location: East Tampa, FL
Country: United States

Request: Hello! My partner and I are urgently in need of a sitter for our two cats for next week, the sitter we confirmed can no longer sit for us and we are desperate for someone to watch our babies and home for this is an unexpected family trip. Thank you for your time
Alyssa & Josh

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Hi Alyssa and welcome to the forum. I am a sitter, from the UK. I have had a quick look at your listing and it looks great.

Just one comment - you have 4 to 7 applicants showing - if none of these is suitable it would be wise to inform them, decline the applications, and this will bring your applicants back to zero, which may help attract another suitable sitter - some sitters will not apply for a sit if it is already showing a number of sitters, especially last minute.

Otherwise, there are options to boost your listing, to put it to the top of the sit list in your area, and options to have it further advertised on THS social media platforms, but I am sure @Angela-CommunityManager or @Vanessa-Admin the Forum Mods will be able to help you there. I have tagged them, so as soon as they are back online I am sure they will be in touch with you.

Best of luck.


Thank you @Petermac and Hi and welcome to our community forum @alyssamorales. I have added the listing link to your forum profile, that way other members here can view, as Peter did and we can share across our Social media channels however we would need your permission to include the listing link to the post, please feel free to DM me for more information.


Sorry your sitter cancelled. You should change your start date on your posting to show a start date to May 1st, since the posting says May 29, which is tomorrow. Good luck!

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@Southernsitter 29th ofApril :upside_down_face:

@alyssamorales I see you have quickly changed your date as suggested, and this update has actually pushed your listing to the top of the local sits, so fingers crossed.

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Thank you so so much! That’s helps a lot!

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