US Expats in Colombia

My husband Dennis and I are US Expat retirees living in Medellin, Colombia. Although Adriana grew up with a menagerie (among them dogs, cats, horses, cows, hamsters, boa constrictors, wooly monkeys and kinkajous) and in our adult life enjoyed the company of many cats and dogs, we have chosen to be “petless” in this stage of our lives, freeing us up to explore the world and provide our love to other’s pets.

Before leaving the US we did a stint fostering pups who were transitioning to their furever homes from the county shelter. We appreciate the great differences in temperament from one dog to the next and the need to be sensitive to the stresses of change.

After hearing about THS from a visitor who was having her kitties cared for via THS while she stayed with us we signed up. Just completed our first sit last week. Learned a bunch and wished I had found this forum beforehand.


Hi @LosGatos A big welcome to our community Forum we are really glad you found us.
Congratulations on completing your first sit. That is wonderful. Where was it if I can ask?

It is always a good idea to add your profile to your forum profile.

Once you add this other members will be able to “meet” you properly and will see what owners see when you apply for sits.

Enjoy meeting our members from around the world and we look forward to sharing your journey.
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Thanks Therese,
Our first sit was Sept 20-30 in Atlanta.

I have think I have now added the profile. Can you check that I did it correctly?

Adriana Gutierrez

Hello @LosGatos (Adriana) and a big welcome to both you and hubby to THS and the forum! We are very happy to have you here and glad you are underway with your first sits!! I’m just dipping in here as Therese is now offline, but I’ve checked (and adjusted) your link and it’s now showing just fine!

Please tell us more about the kinkajous!! I had to look these up and found this very interesting fact on NatGeo:

They are able to turn their feet backwards to run easily in either direction along branches or up and down trunks.


We used to live in Panama and had something very similar I think. I can’t remember what they were called there. We woke one night to barking and screams, and found it firmly attached to the front leg of our dog, in a stalemate situation. Very scary!! Ian’s involvement had them unattached shortly after but not without poor Campasino sustaining a nasty bite. He was bravely protecting the chicken eggs!

What an amazing mix of pets to have around you as a child!

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Welcome @LosGatos! This forum has what feels like an endless amount of helpful info. Enjoy the wonderful world of petsitting!!!


Kinkajous are also called Honey Bears, they are about the size and shape of a cat with golden fur, a Teddy Bear face and a prehensile tail. Ours was a rescue.


Welcome @LosGatos my husband and I visited Colombia for the first time in 2019 and we both have decided Medellin is one of our favorite cities we have ever visited. So glad you have heard about THS as you can now continue your travels as well and enjoying the company of pets.