Video chat with 2 different HO for same date

Hi everyone,
We have video chats arranged for two different sits covering the same time period.
Both HO are lovely, but we’d prefer the second one as there is less expense involved for us. This HO asked for a video chat after we had already arranged a video call with the first HO. We are confident that we will be offered this sit.
My question is, are HO understanding when this happens? Is there
a protocol?
We are new to THS and still learning. Thanks.

It might be best to be transparent about it to both HOs. Some HOs also interview several applicants, so it’s not unusual.

Thanks so much. Yes, I’ll be open and honest - best way.

I would try to arrange both video chats as near to each other as possible then you will not keep either waiting too long for your decision. It is not unusual to finish a video chat by thanking the HO for their time and saying that you will now have a short time to discuss with each other and will get back to them asap

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I’ve arranged the calls close together & will take on board your advice. Thanks

Thank you @Colin & @Timmy for your excellent advice and support for @paws4you … there are many article on the website blog and conversations here on the Forum about what to ask and discuss on the calls as it is the opportunity to get to know the pet’s needs, the owner’s expectations and yours also … the time to decide if this could be the right fit, the right sit and yes the time to be transparent with your communications.

Good luck and please keep us updated.