View Date (-1)?

I have seen a listing at the bottom of the page - where is usually says View Date in a green box it says

“View Dates (-1) “

Could someone please tell me what this means, I have never seen it before ? Or is it a glitch ?

Hi @Silversitters are you able to take a screenshot of just the view date green box where it shows this please without getting any other details in the photo so we can have a look?
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the screenshot

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@Silversitters thank you. When you click on the view dates green box (-1) do you get any dates showing up?

Yes there is one set of dates

Thank you @Silversitters I have tagged @Angela_L to also have a look at this

Thank you @Samox24

Hi @Silversitters can you forward me the listing via Direct Message please?

@Angela_L I have sent you DM

Hi @Silversitters we are unable to recreate, sending to the Tech Team … thank you for flagging.

Thanks @Angela_L & @Samox24 it’s only in the app that it appears like this for me … just checked and it’s still the same …

@Angela_L This issue is still happening for me , I haven’t heard from the Tech Team

I’ve noticed it appears on listings that I have previously sat for that now have new dates listed for example :

When I click on “view dates -2 “brings up 1 set of dates ???

Anyone else having this issue ? Or is it only me . ( look at previous sits you’ve done that now have live listings with new dates )

@Silversitters Thank you for raising this again. Angela is currently offline, so I can confirm that this has been raised as an issue with the tech team, it is likely a small glitch that they are looking into.
I am really sorry to hear that no one has got back to you.

I will ask Membership Services to reach out to you and you can also contact them at

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

I have seen that as well. I’ve been busy preparing to complete a sit, and have not worked to make sense of it.

@purplepetlover for me it seems to be only listings where I have completed a sit and now they have new listings .

Anyone else seen this ?

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Same here.

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@purplepetlover please report it to with a screenshot.

Currently they think it’s only happening to me ( or my device) so are not doing anything to fix it - also it might help them find the cause of the problem if everyone who sees it reports it .

Thank you

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@Silversitters I have reported it. I have completed 7 sits at 6 homes, and 2 have open sit requests. For me, -1 is only showing on the one with more than one set of dates.