Viewing blurbs on posted photos

Not an urgent request, just wondering. I’ve posted the allowed 12 photos, and wrote a thumbnail descriptive sentence about each. I can’t find these little blurbs when I view my profile. Is there something I’m missing?
Thanks for any clarification anyone can provide.


We can only see them when we’re on the app. They don’t show up on the website. I sometimes go to the app to check out a sit I’m interested in just to see if there are any photo captions.

Thanks for explaining the mystery! Glad to know my little efforts at crafting deathless prose have not been wasted…
I must say, I am so impressed with the community on this site already. I’ve already been contacted by a very helpful admin person and one friendly woman who lives near us— she also offered us a sit on her farm this fall!
My parents and brother lived in Penticton for about 10 years, so I made frequent flights to the Okanogan in my teaching holidays. Loved visiting the wineries, of course — it’s Mission Hill that has a big tower and an outdoor dining area, right? — but also swimming in the lovely lakes.