'Wally of Marlow'

One thing whippets do not like is walking through puddles so what do you do after being cooped up for a few days at Marlow after heavy rain when the Thames has burst its banks in several places around the town and we are both going stirr crazy? Well you wander out looking for high ground and found some and at other times I carried this great little dog through knee deep water! The sun was out and we went for several miles. Wally found another family of whippets along the way to play with which was lovely to watch and then he insisted dropping into his ‘local’ on the way back which just happened to be the very friendly and cosy Marlow Brewery. As an aside this is Red Kite country and they are a beautiful bird to watch hovering over the river and woodlands.


@carpediem, well done you. I worked in Marlow for many years and many a beer drunk. It’s a lovely town. Enjoy. :beers:

You have some gorgeous photos!
Just beautiful and I love to see how much you and wally are enjoying yourselves.

@Amparo thanks so much and after days of heavy rain it was great to be out under a blue sky…a really nice part of the world and if you see any sits around there, go for it!

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@Max-4-sit yes it is a great little town with miles of riverside walks, some decent pubs and that little train that runs through there is a classic! Thanks for liking and all the best.

What an adorable dog - I love whippets and greyhounds, and a gorgeous location. Enjoy! Wish I was there!

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@mars thanks and yes i love all those built for speed dogs…you just have to be careful when cats a re around though Seamus the Lurcher (I opsted photos of him yesterday) lived quite happily with three cats and I always had a smile at night (it was a winter sit) when they would all bunch up together in front of the open fire!

I have done one sit in Marlow, a good 3 weeks! It is a lovely town with wonderful water front places.
I just booked 3 weeks in London to spring board over.
Enjoy and keep sharing those great photos and stories @carpediem

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