Wash Post story on remote work

Long Washington Post story on remote working.
I think this link is open for all to read without being a subscriber -

As of late September, 21.6 million people in the United States worked remotely for five days, while 32.3 million worked at the office at least one day, according to the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey.

Remote workers say they enjoy connecting with nature, exploring the world and spending more time with family, noting that their outlook on work has changed forever. But it’s not rosy all the time: Some say their new lifestyles have introduced complications like time-zone coordination, a different approach to connecting with colleagues, slow internet connectivity, the fear of missing out in-person, and sorting out international health care and travel restrictions.


It is open. Thanks @toml for posting it!

Great article @toml thank you for sharing …

Excellent share. Many of my HOs that are still part of the work force do so from home. They love it and will do whatever it takes to stay out of “the office”.
Kind of like being nomadic, once you try it, you will never go back. At least most of us. Maybe a break now and then but freedom is delicious.