We are off on a Harty Adventure!

Hi All,
We are Boggles (it’s a long story!) & Jill, just setting out on our travels on a permanent basis. We are currently UK based and started pet sitting back in 2018. My husband thought it might be great to have some pigs and donkeys one day and my thought was I wonder if there’s a way to see what it’s like to do that before committing, and so our THS adventure began. Our first sit was with pigs and we soon realised it was easier to look after other people’s farm animals than have our own… for now at least :wink: We have loved every sit we have done and we are now in the position to finally pet sit full time and have back to back sits booked until November which is awesome. In the New Year we would like to visit our family in NZ, re-acquaint ourselves with Australia and the US for the first time. Perhaps we will meet some of you on our travels. Take care folks.


A very Hearty Harty welcome! :sparkling_heart:
Looking forward to your tales!


Welcome Boggles and Jill. Great to hear you’re enjoying this lifestyle. I look forward to having some pigs to look after one day. I’ll be in NZ (South Island) from 2/11/22 - 2/05/23 so maybe we could meet up somewhere? Meanwhile enjoy your back to back sits!


@Smiley enjoy the South Island it’s stunning, hoping to get down there at some point :+1:

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Thanks @Amparo :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

Hi @AHartyAdventure. Welcome to the community forum. You’ll find there are many fulltime travelers here in the forum who share your love of this exciting lifestyle (I’m one myself). Happy travels!