Website vs Mobile issue

Hi Temba.

Thank you for your feedback and experience regarding the review system.

To clarify this is not something specifically for an owner, this feature was removed due to suggestions from sitters who had not gotten reviews from owners and were worried that this would negatively impact their chances of being chosen for another sit.

Owner’s also can’t see via the website the number of sits a sitter has done that resulted in no reviews from the owner. Again this was removed based on numerous feedback from our sitter members and we made the change based on this, however since the discussion on the forum we have now begun to involve this option that was removed from the site into our new review update.

These discussions are extremely important and we really value everyone’s experience and opinion regarding this, we are looking at multiple options for the new review process including the double blind model that has been mentioned.

Again, we appreciate your feedback and look to have more discussions moving forward.

Kind regards,


It’s so great to see how seriously you’re taking users feedback. Thanks @Katie-MembershipServices!

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Thanks, Katie, for your reply which I appreciate. Great to know there are review options being discussed by THS and hopefully we’ll see a change soon.

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Hello everyone - this is such a great forum.

I have a comment about the map that appears on the right side of the website (when accessing on my computer). Is there a way to “hide” the map? I find it easier to see look at sits without the map taking up the screen space.

Apologies if there is an easy way to hide the map!

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Much of the fault here lies with the 5 sitters that chose not to review. As a service to fellow sitters we should review every time good or bad!

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Great ideas

I’m having problems getting to my dashboard from the THS app can someone help please as I need to request a review of a recent sit

The bottom menu bar of my app from left to right says:

Dashboard - Search - Inbox - Favourites - Me

You should be able to click INBOX to access contacts for your sits?

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When you open the app the top half of the page is hidden by covid19 info…click on ‘more information’ to expand.
Once done, you now can click on the 3 dashes on the top right-hand corner of your screen - and from the drop-down list there you will find 'reviews./request review

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Hi @Crazydoglady - looks like you’ve had some good advice overnight from @Colin and @Kelownagurl - so just a quick check to see if you are all sorted now? If not let us know and we’ll try to help. All the best, Vanessa

My app (iPhone) doesn’t look anything like what you’ve explained, including that I don’t get any COVID message. Mine is exactly as @Kelownagurl said, and I think she uses an iPhone too. If you’re using an Android maybe, would that make a difference? I tend to only use the app when I get notifications about saved searches, so I’m not concerned, but just trying to understand the issue.

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Ah yes, I use Android

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Are you using an Android or iPhone? I use an iPhone 11 and so can relate to what @Kelownagurl sees. However, I find the corner icons - dashboard & me - rarely work for me. I limit my THS app use to viewing my saved searches and do everything else on my laptop. Maybe not a solution for you, but I’m not sure if the issue might be a THS app one, or the phone itself.

I’m using an iPhone too it was fine at first but I’ve had a few other issues with the THS app.
It’s not my phone as I’ve had it checked by apple :apple: & it’s running fine.
I will just have to go through the site to go on my dashboard as the notifications for sits are coming through fine on the app so at least I don’t miss any.
App does need sorting though please Admin.

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Thanks for the help Colin & Kew I’ve left a review through the site not the app now


When I open the app I can’t get to anything it just shows a red heart :heart:

I’m using an iPhone not an android I will try & upload an image of what I’m getting when I open the app

I get that exact pic as well. It takes generally several minutes for it to open. ABout 50% of the time I can click on dashboard and get there while the heart is still circling. In short…I can eveventually get there but by that time I can get my laptop open and proceed there muchquicker.

There still seems to be some discrepancies amongst what is seen on the THS website and on the Apps in our mobile phones and tablets. The THS tech team must have a lot on their plates lately. I have hope that things will get sorted soon…


There are differences generally between the app and the website and the way the two platforms work. There’s another post on this as well as this one:

and it has a response from Ben, the product manager to explain this a bit more. You might find this an interesting read :slight_smile: