Weird private invitations under Covid times

I received yesterday a private invitation for a long sit from october until next april in Oregon (1 cat to look after in Eugene)
How is it possible when europeans can’t stay in usa (i’m french and live in France what is precised on my profle)
And If they can fly (i’m fully vaccinated) they can’t stay more than 90 days ?
I guess many american “professional” sitters would like to answer positively
I declined explaining why

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Brits still cannot enter the US. However the situation is very fluid and that could change at short notice.
But in certain circumstances which must be substantiated with evidence of need, Brits CAN travel to the US eg for employment or the extreme ill health of a relative. I don’t know what other European countries’ rules are but Brits can, under v v limited circumstances, travel … but not to house sit a pet!

My experience is that many US citizens don’t know about the travel ban and also aren’t aware that foreigners must leave after 90 days. I fly to the US regularly (even during Covid times) and this doesn’t surprise me at all.
Many Americans live in their “US bubble” and don’t know much about the rest of the world, which doesn’t mean they aren’t nice people but they aren’t well informed even in normal times.


I received an invitation back when COVID had just started, from a homeowner in the U.S. and I’m in Canada. The border between the U.S. and Canada had been closed and I guess the homeowner just wasn’t aware.

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But I think we’ve always been able to fly to the US, even during the lockdowns. It’s just the land border that has been closed.

Yes we can. This invitation was from a homeowner just across the border from where I lived two years ago so we would have driven there.

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I find it curious that we’ve open the border to US but it’s not open to Canada. Also same with UK. Americans can fly to the UK but Canadians can’t.

I agree - it’s very odd!

@Kelownagurl The US pressured Canada immensely to open to Americans yet have not reciprocated. “Curious” is a much nicer word than I have to describe the situation :wink:


The EU is open to US citizens but not the other way around.
On my flights to the US there are mainly US citizens and very few business travelers or family from other countries.

We are UK citizens in the middle of moving to the USA, so I’m prettty well versed in the current state of play with the USA travel bans.
Here is the detail of the Presidential Proclamations that are still in force (don’t expect any movement on them until Christmas at the earliest)
We have secured National Interest Exemptions (that currently last a year) after lengthy negotiations by immigration lawyers on our behalf with all the powers that be. I can guarantee that unless you fit an exemption clause to the Proclamation, you are definitely not getting in to the USA from any of the 33 countries specified even to housesit the Presidents pets…


@Kelownagurl , definitely not true. Canadians can fly to the UK and as of 4am Aug 30, we don’t even have to quarantine. We happen to be flying to LGW on the 31st so have just sent a request to change our day 2&8 tests to day 2 only. Hurray!!!

Yes, I was speaking about recently (before the Aug 30 announcement) and not having to quarantine…

Really glad you’ve got a trip booked!


Not a huge deal to me to be honest. I’m not going anywhere until this 4th wave settles down.

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Oh me neither, I just find the double standard obnoxious.

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As @dusendorf said, it was probably because the US host doesn’t understand US immigration. I’m a US immigration lawyer, and most native-born US citizens have no reason to know immigration rules. Often the first time they deal with immigration is if they marry a foreign national and they are shocked at the complexity!

We Americans, Schengen rules can’t stay in Europe more than 3 months. Than out 3 months. Why it should be different?

We cannot travel to the US AT ALL at the moment! Not even for 3 months! That’s the difference.

I was invited from october until april… that’s more than 3 months.
And since my décline, this lady did not publish her ad open to americans. It was à private invitation to a european sitter. I think it’s strange…

American here currently traveling in Iceland. When I listed my sit, I was perplexed that people in Europe applied, even though they couldn’t travel to my home! I guess it goes both ways…