Welcome To Our Community Forum

Today we are proud to announce the official launch our Community Forum and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to those members who have been part of this forum from the very beginning and have helped get it to where it is today.

We are a caring community brought together by our love for animals, shared experiences and discovering new places and the forum is the place where we can connect and get to know one another better.

Welcome everyone.


It will be very interesting If many new ideas, new debates occur. On my side, with my short (although double as owner and sitter) expérience I have no more topics in head, i’m dry !
I enjoyed that big test it must be hard for newcomers to read hundreds threads …


@Provence you have been truly amazing in helping grow the Forum, we can’t thank you enough! You have been part of a small but incredibly active and engaged group of members who have helped our community become a place where they feel at home, can ask questions, debate, discover and help our team help you to get the very best from being a TrustedHousesitters member.

Thank you and thanks to everyone who has been here from the very beginning.

Angela and the Team


Hi! I’ve joined today through the newsletter. Hope this means a joyful collab with others sitters!
I read “Plus, join today and you’ll have the chance to WIN yourself an exclusive prize!”. Where I can find more info about the prize? Thanks!

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We’ve been members since 2017 (I think, losing all track of time, side effect of lockdown). I really enjoy the forum and have got some great tips already. I also enjoy hearing about the owners side of pet sitting. We are so looking forward to getting back out there, we’ve missed our canine and feline friends. Happy 10th Anniversary and here’s to many more.

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HI @claudiamary and @clare1959 thank you, a big welcome and thank you for joining our community forum and yes there is a chance of winning a prize here is the link

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members … there’s lots of support and help available and if you can’t find what you are looking for please just ask.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community and since 2017 @clare1959 you must have lots of stories and memories to share.

Angela and the team

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