Welcoming a sitter

That is a great list. I will definitely make dinner for their return. I offered airport transfer but they declined. There were 4 of them and I don’t think we’d all have fit in the car.

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The OP asked what other things have been found kind gestures. I have never asked for it, but certainly every airport pickup or drop-off I have been offered was a kind gesture. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Just offering my data points. I am sorry it is a pain for you.

Even if they offered to pick me up at an airport, I think I would decline. I know how much time it might take them.

Same for train stations in busy cities like Basel or Bologna.

I would be confident that I could manage to get there by airport shuttles, public transport, etc. I always travel very light, they do not need to come by car.


Wow, isn’t that lovely! Following the answers here about being picked up or not - it really depends on where the housesit is. We always feel a bit embarrassed to be picked up, but sometimes the housesits are in rather remote places and there is simply no other way getting there.


We had an exceptional experience:

  • Enjoyed two extravagant lunches in a 5-star hotel before scheduled sits, engaging in delightful conversations and having a blast.
  • Stocked the fridge with 2kg of chicken, 1kg of beef, 2kg of kingfish, 1kg of salmon, 1kg of prawns, along with a variety of vegetables and fruits.
  • Had access to a well-stocked bar with a range of alcohol for guests.
  • Were treated to a fantastic dinner on arrival, followed by breakfast and lunch delivered the next morning.
  • Received a ribboned box of Belgian chocolates as a thoughtful gift.
  • Were provided with essentials like tissues and toiletries through their thoughtful shopping.
  • Cleaners were arranged to tidy the house every other day and care for the plants.
  • Were instructed not to handle the litter and the automatic litter, as cleaners would be responsible for this, allowing us to enjoy our stay with their pets hassle-free.
  • Had library access for the bookworm in me, encouraged to explore and read at leisure.
  • Have been invited back to sit two more times, showcasing their unwavering hospitality
  • Following our sit, they maintained a strong connection and extended a gracious invitation to a sumptuous lunch a month later.

As sitters, we reciprocate with tokens of appreciation—flowers, chocolates, a custom welcome doormat with the pictures of all their pets, 30-year-old balsamic vinegar from Italy, freshly baked bread, cake, and home-cooked meals (2-3 viands). Their thoughtfulness and kindness are irreplaceable; no material gift could ever match their generosity, and there’s no way we can truly repay them.


If ever you are not available when they need a sitter, please pass along my name. Sounds amazing.

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Who are they? I want to be their next sitter.

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HO’s set up a spare phone for me when I mentioned I’d be looking to buy an American SIM card as one of my first tasks. It was super handy.
They also took me sightseeing the day after they returned/day before I left.
I was given a little gift bag on a Christmas sit.
The relatives of the HO on my first sit took me sightseeing for a day, and invited me for supper and to a hobby club meeting on other evenings.


Wow, Was that all for the same sit. I want to sit for them. Sounds amazing

We went sailing in San Francisco Bay the day after we arrived for a sit in Mill Valley! An unforgettable experience!

Yes, very thoughtful which I believe every HO should be. We are extremely fortunate to be part of this program. It benefits both HO and Sitter when done thoughtfully. I believe when a sitter comes into an immaculately clean, organized home with a loving animal, they are going to be just as respectful. What you put in the universe is what you get back. Here are some HO ideas that I’m sure your sitters will appreciate.
*Gift cards to places that you know their country doesn’t have. Like Trader Jos.
*Pre-paid days to doggy day care for 7 hrs. so your sitters can explore without an animal. Great for doggy play dates too.
*Clean, organized home. Inside and out.
*Basket of goodies. Little snacks and treats.
*An organized and thorough booklet on how your house works. From TV to fire pit.
*A calendar of your cities events, fav. restaurants, things to see and do. Google maps of walking trails for pup walks, etc.
We should all look at this as an amazing exchange. Just sayin🌺