What are you watching?

Let me know what you think, @Samox24 :smiley:

@Jenny will do :+1:t2::blush:

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I enjoyed the first series. Not a fan of Jodie Whittaker so I will skip S2.

I am rewatching Peaky Blinders now, so good (cast, writing, directing) and I love the soundtrack too


@cat.tails I love Peaky Blinders! I’m sure it’s nearly time for me to watch them all again too :joy:

I just finished re-watching “Lost”
It was much better than the first time.
It’s amazing how many things you miss the first you time you watch show, specially when you didn’t have the commodity of online streaming.

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Just finished watching Last Stop Larrimah on Netflix. This true-crime documentary investigates a murder case in a tiny Australian town.


@Samox24 That is my weekend watching sorted then, true crime seems to draw me in as I like to try and solve it as I watch it :male_detective: :mag: Thank you for the recommendation, I hope the USA Netflix has it.

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@Carla another one you might want to watch on Netflix is Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom

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Nyad on Netflix. Diana Nyad attempts to become the first person ever to swim from Cuba to Florida. :swimming_woman:

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BBC iplayer is shwoing all the existing Doctor Who episodes from the 1963-1996 series and also the modern 2005-2022 series. I never saw all of them so I decided to start with the modern and then maybe watch some of the old ones (not so keen on black and white TV shows though!) - I will dfe watch the Tom Baker series cos he was so cool with his long scarf :slight_smile:

I am enjoying the Christopher Eccleston series so far. I won’t be watching the Jodie Whittaker series though cos I did not like it much when I saw some episodes of S11 a few years ago.

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@cat.tails - Fun fact!

About 40 years ago I was running a newsagents shop on a rough council estate in the UK.

We had a happy gang of paper boys helping to deliver the daily newspapers.

One of those snotty 13-year-old boys left school and decided he wanted to be an actor so, against all the odds, headed to London to follow his dream.

Fast forward a few years he did ok for himself appearing in quite a few things including the Christopher Eccleston Dr Who series when he was (an?) Auton ( was there more than one?)

As well as numerous small parts in films and tv shows, he is most famous for his roles in some of the Star Wars movies as various monsters.

He still keeps in touch via Facebook occasionally too!


007 Road To A Million on Amazon Prime

The competition series follows nine pairs of everyday people who head out on a global adventure through several Bond-inspired challenges, for a chance at winning a £1,000,000 cash prize. Some great locations too so far! :palm_tree::ocean:


Great story!
I saw the Autons in S1e1 of the modern series. There were quite a few Autons, mainly shop mannequins that sort of came to life


@Samox24: Is this something you and hubby would like to do? I encourage you to apply! :grin:

@geoff.hom hahaha yes, most definitely! :sweat_smile:


Loving the Doctor Who chat @cat.tails - “my” Doctor growing up was Sylvester McCoy and Ace was my style icon. The series had such an impact on my life that I now have a TARDIS tattoo! :rofl:

I’m not keen on Jodie Whittaker in any role, so I didn’t much bother with her time on the series, but I’m SO excited for David Tennant’s return, and then lovely Ncuti Gatwa, I think he’ll make a wonderful Doctor.

@Colin - that’s so awesome, it sounds like he made a very interesting life for himself! It’s lovely that he keeps in touch as well.

Bill Bailey’s Australian Adventure on Channel 4. He explores the vast, epic and beautiful state of Western Australia and in the first episode he goes tree climbing in the Valley of the Giants. :australia:

The Final Season - Part 1 of The Crown on Netflix :crown:

Watch The Crown | Netflix Official Site

@Samox24 ooooooh thanks for letting me know. I will watch it at next weekend’s sit!!!

@MaggieUU very welcome. We just finished watching it, there are 4 episodes in Part 1 and it’s really good although it’s very sad :cry:

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