What are you watching?

@wendy_chicago This post made me giggle as I am the same with Palm Royale and hope it gets better again soon! Let me know what you think when you finish it :smiling_face:

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Using TCM app and just watched Great Expectations and Tale of Two Cities - kind of binging on Dickens!

I love Kristen Wiig but I just can’t with her character. Laura Dern’s is the only character I don’t hate so far. I’ve only watched 4 episodes and I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it! :joy:

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and again with TCM - 2x Mutiny on the Bounty - 1935 with Clark Gable and 1962 with Marlon Brando!


Great cat scenes and Italy looks gorgeous.
Ripley on Netflix.


I’ve only started Ripley and am enjoying it. Also, I’m a fountain pen collector and a big black pen plays a role in early epsidoes!

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Just binge watched Ripley - loved it. I would pay good money to see Andrew Scott read the telephone directory. He is amazing.


Yes the pen and lots and lots of steps! Very atmospheric.

Lucio should get best supporting actor.

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I’m doing a cat sit in a classic Tuscan countryside location now. I look forward to watching Ripley when I get to the UK. I don’t have access to netflix now (and not really missing it tbh) but I did read a very good review of Ripley and your comments here also make me want to watch it!

View from my kitchen window to the village across the valley


Baby Reindeer is a new, 7 episode drama series that was released on Netflix yesterday (11th April)

Richard Gadd stars (Donny) and wrote this true story about what happened when him giving someone a free cup of tea as an act of kindness turned into him being stalked incessantly for years.

We watched episode one last night and are hooked already.


@Colin. That sounds so intriguing!


Emily D Baker and Nate the Lawyer on YouTube. All the latest in law news. Both excellent channels and I highly recommend.

just saw this article about one of the locations in Italy (Atrani) used for shooting the series Ripley

By chance, last week we had dinner in San Quirico d’Orcia (not far from Montalcino which is famous for its red wine, Brunello) and a film crew was set up there - turns out they are shooting a netflix series La Dolce Villa - and my friends had the same sort of reaction as in: "Sigh. Lots more tourism and selfies then. :pleading_face: "

I am pleased that Race Across the World is back, the latest is Season 4 on BBC1/BBCiPlayer. I thoroughly enjoyed episode 1 and then the rest will be aired every Wednesday from now.

Over the course of 8 episodes, the 5 teams must travel from the island of Hokkaido in the north of Japan, to the Indonesian island of Lombok, a journey of approximately 9,300 miles, across 7 countries and over 50 days. This is all without the use of their smartphones and bank cards and they are given the cash equivalent of the cost of a one way flight to their final destination. They have to get through a series of checkpoints using public transport and ingenuity and with the help and kindness of strangers along the way. They also need to find odd jobs along the way to earn the extra funds to get them to their final destination.

It’s a must for travel lovers and highly addictive, all of the previous seasons have been great too! :earth_americas::slightly_smiling_face:

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