"What Breed Am I?"

OK Forum dog lovers it’s “Guess My Breed” Answers MUST be in picture form!

  1. My name means “Prickly"
  2. I often appear in Italian Renaissance Art
  3. I’m one of the world’s oldest hunting dogs
  4. I nearly became extinct
  5. Versatility is in my genes
  6. Smelly clue: My amazing nose

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 23.17.09

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Lagotto Romagnolo, but I have an advantage there. I see loads of them hunting in Italy!

PS; they’re utterly adorable of course.

PPS; not so sure now. The nose is right but the name doesn’t mean prickly :thinking: Something like spinotto? Spine?

Oh, and how do I answer in picture form?

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on the top of a message you want to send, you have different icons, which allow you to use bold, quote, emoij, pictures…
you need to load the picture, once you have selected it on the web or on your computer
Angela told me it was possible to choose the size of the picture (mine are too large) but i never had the choice to reduce them on the forum.

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I didn’t mean technically.
I meant, how does one answer a question with a picture?

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Post an image of the breed you believe is the correct answer … @Saltrams

Oh, right! Sometimes I just don’t have the same thought processes as normal carbon based life forms :crazy_face:

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although there is also a Spinotto Siciliano…


@Saltrams excellent but that’s not to say you are correct :wink:

Strange how one of these dogs looks like what we call here “griffon korthal”2020-10-07 (3)


Very similar; a lot like the dog in this group. Maybe it is the same, with a different name in France?


LOL, I really can’t see from the picture, the picture is too dark - although that may be part of the quest? Looks like a lion to me. Smile. Hopefully, some one got it right.

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Ooh, you’ve got me there, Angela, but what about this breed:

  • I am very cute with a soft coat and love nothing better than being on my sitter’s lap
  • I was actually developed from what are now extinct breeds
  • I come in many colours, including “Tobacco”
  • My breed name is a big geographic giveaway and I am the country’s national dog
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Is it the Maltese @Diggy?

Good guess but no

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Is it the Havanese?

Yes! National dog of Cuba, hence the “tobacco” clue. A breed I had never heard of but, as my most regular sit (and local so I see him a lot) little Harry is very dear to my heart, especially when he races to greet me. The family call me “Harry’s nanny”.
The “topknot” is not of my doing (daughter’s idea) but Harry was not impressed so it had to go…

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