What brought you to TrustedHousesitters?

Germany is definitely on my list!


Hi Natasha …
Welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from Denmark and what a lovely introduction.

It’s such a shame to hear of animal lovers who are allergic to certain species and cat allergies are so very common, at least Mum can go and get a feline fix and 10 … that’s a LOT of kitty love!

We cannot wait to share in your new family adventure and you’ll find lots of kindred spirits here on the forum, helpful and supportive, that’s what makes us such a very special community.

Welcome again.

Angela & The Team

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I am curious to know how others found out about TrustedHousesitters. For me, I found out about THS like I do most things by pure accident like (this forum, Seinfeld, pineapple on pizza). I used to live in Sun City Center, FL and we would get a community newspaper weekly. About two years ago, there was an article discussing websites to visit for those wanting to visit different places around the world and be able to stay at others’ homes. One of those websites was THS, but it did not mention anything about petsitting. I went online and checked out THS and discovered that it was mostly about petsitting. I had a dog at the time and most homeowners did not want another dog to be in the home with their pet(s) for their own reason(s). So, I didn’t join at that time. But when I lost my bestie, Rocko, I decided to give THS a try and join. I am so glad I did, truly loving it.

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Hi @sharondc!
There is not a day that passes in all sincerity that I do give gratitude to my wonderfully, incredibly, vibrant daughter.
She is a registered veterinary technician who began doing local sits in California. From there she expanded and bloomed in a world traveler! My little girl who I remember clearly the first time I took her to London at age 9, how terrified she was we would get lost!
Avid now about animals and traveling, she encouraged me when I retired. I didn’t think it was for me but I am here to tell you I absolutely love my life as a home and pet sitter!

These are from her most recent trip to Bogata, Colombia.

She’s a mom now and so in love with her Kiddo!


Hi @Amparo Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos! The love that your daughter shows to the animals conveys in the photos. Wow, from local sits to spending time in such places as Colombia is sure to be adventuresome. It is truly awesome how animals are the reasons why we travel to places we may not have otherwise traveled to and meet people we may have never crossed paths with. :grinning:

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After we found out that our neighbors, who we asked to feed the cats while we were away, fed them only half their regular portions or must have forgotten them completely on some days, we had our first sitter staying here. This was a private arrangement and we were really astonished how relaxed the cats behaved when we got back. From then on we had different people cat sitting but there was nobody available for our holiday next week.
A friend posted the link to THS on Facebook exactly at the same time as I was trying to find someone and I was so thrilled that I instantly signed up. It seems like this was the best decision to make sure that my cats are in the best hands and also that the house ist well cared for.


@Düsenzofe Do you think that was divine intervention when your friend posted the link to ‘THS on Facebook at the exact same time as you were trying to find someone to look after your cats’ or do you think it was purrrly a coincidence? :grinning:

Someone else asked which options she has to find a suitable sitter and I read some answers. I don’t believe in divine intervention :wink: so from my side, yes, it was coincidence. :pray:t2::grinning: