What do I do when I urgently need to find a sitter

Hi to everyone due to a family bereavement I urgently need to travel. How do I find a sitter at very short notice. I have not been able to get a reply to any of the ‘help’ options or phone number of the site. I have seen somthing about ‘less than 7 days’ but cant seem to post on it. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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Hello @Moto33 … I am so sorry to hear about your bereavement and we will do all we can to help you get your listing posted. There are several things we can do to help and with posting into the “Last Minute Sit” category here in the forum. I am tagging @Therese-Moderator who will be able to help you with this as soon as she comes online this morning. All the very best, Vanessa and the team

I’m very sorry for the loss you’ve experienced. Please embed the link to your listing in your forum profile (do a search for instructions). I’m sure members will try to help you if possible.
Please accept my condolences and best wishes to you.

@Moto33 We are so sorry to hear of your loss. I will email you now from membership services. Kind regards Therese

Thank you for this. Can you tell be is it still worth me keep trying the phone number I have rang many times in the last 2 days with no answer.

Edith thank you for the reply but I can not find a way to link the 2 – search can not find a ‘result’ I really need to speak to a person on the phone.


Hello again @Moto33 - As @Edith suggests, having your listing linked here in your forum profile can help, but to save you time (as I imagine you have much on your mind), I have added it for you. If people now click on your name they will see the link.

Therese has also emailed you so do keep a look out for her correspondence. Maintaining contact with her is the better option and she can contact you directly by phone if needed.

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I see @Vanessa-Admin has done this for you. I hope it helps.

Vanessa, I can’t open @Moto33’s link. Is it not live yet? That’s happened to me a couple of times.

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Hi @Edith … this is unfortunately a limitation of Discourse (the forum software we use). When a new member joins the forum, the link stays as plain text (not a link) until they have engaged enough to move to a higher trust level. So you need to cut and paste the link to view it. Once the member has attained a higher trust level this will automatically become a link. It’s a little frustrating I know.

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It looks like a lovely place to stay. I’m sorry for your loss.
Perhaps to make the sit more attractive, you could find someone local to stop by for goat and chicken care/upkeep. I think most sitters are comfortable with cat and dog and house care, less so with outside (animals and related).

Thank you Katie for your suggestion. I am trying all avenues right now. Chickens free range and very easy just to shut in at night. They go to their house by themselves!
But I can see you might think goats a challenge. Think of them as out side dogs they are no more work and we will be able to ‘hand hold from a distance’

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Sure. It’s a perception thing. I’ve cared for chickens and know they’re easy…

edit b/c free range chooks!

Yeah, that’s a shame. Less than help for these purposes. Thanks for the heads up.

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Katie, I am confused 2 free range chickens?

You can copy and paste into your browser. It’s a lovely sit. Beautiful house and animals.


I wish I could have helped, but she’s way up north.

You could seek out sitters who have given you a heart symbol. That way, you know that those people will have some interest and you can see their reviews and availability but the availability register is not always up to date.

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