What do you leave for your home owners?

Before I leave the sit, I usually make something like a cake, a pudding, scones, etc. that morning ready for the home owners’ return. I use their own produce (veg, flour, eggs etc.).

Once I saw that the radishes were going over and would be wasted. They begged me to eat them but I don’t like them so I made radish pickle (using all their own ingredients) and they were delighted.

Not everyone gets food though - sometimes I make them a little video (I use my drone & gimble & mobile phone) with their house and pets on it. I never publish the video - only send it to them on WhatsApp for their own amusement.

I always have a good relationship with my home owners so know what is appropriate for each circumstance. Recently I did a sit for a security consultant with cameras around the house and of course I didn’t make a video or take any pics.

My efforts are always appreciated and my feedback is full of things like “We came home to fresh scones” and “Thanks for the apple crumble - just what we needed after our long journey” and I have had lots of invitations for repeat sits. One home owner asked me to come back and make a longer video during the harvest on their farm.

I am curious whether I am the only one who leaves things for their home owners?


I write a thank you note for each homeowner but do not leave a gift. I have thought of making cookies or other snack but then I wonder if they eat that sort of thing so then I don’t make it. I had one HO have fresh flowers upon my arrival so I left fresh flowers


I take homemade stuff. Mead, hot sauce, pickles etc etc. #covidhobbies


I am a crafter so I enjoy leaving tumblers, mugs, cozies, book pillows, etc. for them. I love crafting and I would enjoy a handmade gift so I hope others do as well.


Hi @The_welsh_one
If you search in the search box you can often see that a question may have been asked before. Here’s a link to give you a few more answers from back in 2020:

I leave a clean and tidy house, bed linen and towels washed and very happy contented animals. What more can they ask for?


Yes, exactly


We leave a clean house and a welcome home card, not a thank you card as it feels odd thanking someone for allowing us to look after their home and pets. Them thanking us, and us welcoming them home feels more appropriate.


Coming from Finland I always leave the home owner a box of Finnish chocolate with a card thanking them for trusting their cat and home in my care. Sometimes they thank me later, sometimes not.


I usually leave a note letting them know how I’ve got on - what the animals did, where we went, any funny things which happened. And finish by saying “Let’s keep in touch”.

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I will consider myself rebuked

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@Colin “You took the words right out of my mouth…”! Same thoughts exactly! We too leave a Welcome Home card - from the pets! And a bunch of flowers to welcome all hosts home.
As @ElsieDownie says our priority is to send regular pics & updates during the sit and to leave a super clean home, washed sheets (if time allows) and happy content pets. :blush:


You’re right. Sitters give home security and take care of their pets. It should be a welcome card. I’m going to change the wording on my cards from now on.


I leave a handwritten note that begins by thanking the owner for a lovely stay (if that’s what it was). I thank them, they thank me. Seems fine with me.


Usually a card, and flowers: picked from the garden, or local walks.


Hi @mars I do the same just one thing I’ve noticed, my writing is getting worse :slightly_smiling_face: I used to look at my handwriting and feel a sense of “pride?” now it looks as though I need to go back to handwriting classes … yes they really were a thing when I was at school (are they still?) the Marion Richardson form of handwriting. :fountain_pen: :pen: :postbox: is it lack of practice or something else, new glasses perhaps? :joy:


I had to write a bunch of things by hand for work and my writing looked like I was a stroke patient! And I used to be complimented on my writing ages ago. I chalk it up to a lack of practice.


I generally leave some bread and milk type supplies so they have some fresh food to come back to but it’s difficult to know what. If you ask then what you can get for the fridge they will generally say not to worry. If you don’t you may get something they don’t/can’t eat. So if I know I don’t ask but will just get fresh bread and milk.
Otherwise I just fix small things around the house. Descale kettles and toilets and sinks, fix stuck or broken drawers, oil hinges.


A thank you note, with the last news about pets and house. In large stays (more than two weeks) I paint a portrait of the pet/s or send it from home. I’m a pet portrait painter, so I enjoy it, mostly if I had a great relationship with the pet (s).


I usually make a pot of veggie & lentil soup - I find it’s a perfect travel day meal - light but filling. Or I might bake cookies if I have the ingredients on hand and if time allows. If a host left flowers, then I would likely reciprocate. Not a card, just a thank you and some housekeeping notes. But it really does depend on the generosity of the host. We give more generously when the hosts were generous to start with (most are!).