What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

Hello, @Lassie Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will pass it on to the tech team now and feedback to you.

This would address weekly tasks. I’m suggesting a daily check list.

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Tasks can be made daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time. I just made it weekly in my example for trash collection.

Here is one that would make a search easier: The ability to add more than one date span to a single location. For example: Cirencester - date range 19-24 May or 5-30 June. As it is, I have the date range 19 May to 30 June but most of the notifications I receive are for sits I can’t do, as they are for dates I am not available.

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Re- no.3 on the phone App you CAN see all sits and sitters with/without reviews/feedback. But on the desk top version you only see those who have received reviews or feedback. Its important to cross check when rearching for a sit… for that purpose I ALWAYS use the app.

We recently listed a sit and were inundated with (unsuitable) applicants. Consequently we were continually declining applicants to unpause the listing. We explained we were declining applicants to unpause our listing and it didn’t mean they were unsuccessful. Several of the declined applicants then reapplied (not sure they actually read our listing!)and we had to decline them a second time. Is there any way to prevent this?

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Hi all, I think many sitters might relate to me on this suggestion: The site should require owners to read all applications within 1 week of the applications’ submission. The owners do not have to make a decision to accept/reject the sitters that early; I am merely suggesting that they READ the sitters’ application to help save the sitters time in planning their travel. After all, we all know how expensive plane tickets can get depending on how early you book them in advance! Sitters take a lot of time to reach out to owners, so the least the owners should do is be responsive and at least read the detailed messages of the sitter applicants.

What do you all think?


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I completely agree with the general point that the least owners could do is read and respond to applications, but I dont think this specific point is realistic. I think you (the sitter) can only control your actions, not the home-owners.

You could always say in your application that you would appreciate a response by [date] so you can book your plane tickets in good time. If they’ve not got back to you in time either (a) move on or (b) send a follow-up message.


I find this quite confusing. You had unsuitable applicants so you declined them but told them they werent necessarily unsuccessful and then they applied again? If I’ve understood that correctly, you needed a clearer message for the definitely unsuitable ones: ‘Thank you for applying, but I dont think we’d be a good fit so I’ve declined your application. Best of luck applying elsewhere’.

I am confused - how would merely reading your application help you in planning?

if you feel a HO is taking too long to make a decision (or read) your application, you can withdraw it. Or you can leave it pending but continue to look for other sits for those dates.


@LauraJ13 after the handover with the home owner we use a reminder app or our calendar app to put in reminders about EVERYTHING to do with the sit. Depending where we have been in the UK, there can be 4 waste bins to be put out on 3 different days, some weekly, some fortnightly on alternating weeks. Then there is what food and amounts to feed each pet and when (we often have 3 pets) and their medication and when the cleaner or gardeners are coming. The list goes on! I understand your request. We would hate to forget something so we utilise current available technology.

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Thanks Lassie, please read my reply to Ketch. I believed I covered all your questions in detail.

I fully agree with your points that only we can control our actions and be specific in outlining what we’d prefer (e.g. that we would appreciate a response by a certain time), but I think making it a site requirement/rule is a beneficial action that would mandate every owner to read the applications within a week of submission. By making this a product feature, we would institute a necessary control on the owners’ actions. Doing so would help the sitter applicants become aware of how much time they should spend worrying about their application. Imagine if the owner didn’t read the application for over a week, but you are still invested in arranging travel plans for that destination and thus still patiently wait for the possibility that you should not move on yet (because if you move on too early, you could be spending money in hotel stays that would not have to have been spent). Also, sending a follow-up message when the owner hasn’t read your first message won’t make a difference because the owner either doesn’t have notifications on or just spontaneously/randomly reads the applications. So no quantity of messages will require that the owner reads your messages within any deadline.

Here I will also explain how owners reading the message helps specifically:
-I volunteer through multiple sites (THS being my favourite) and have seen firsthand how my message being read makes a difference.

  1. It shows me how communicative the owner will be. If they respond very late, they may repeat this pattern of lacking communication throughout the sit/stay., (and technically one week is considered a generous window of time).
  2. For destinations that have few sits open, having an application read would mean significantly more to the applicant than for destinations where there are many sits open and thus many more options. The reason I am suggesting owners to read and not necessarily reply within 1 week is that replying could take them a bit more time since they would have to read through all their applications and sort out their own plans first. But reading is much more low-stakes and takes much less time, so your application being read is a sign that your time invested into it will not be wasted, you can choose to do point A (moving on) or point B (following up) if you wanted to now that you know the owner has read your message but does not see you as a good choice based on how long it takes them after reading to reply to your message.

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Feeling so frustrated by the lack of search filters on the house sit search function. I end up spending an unnecessarily long time trying to find a potentially suitable house sit only to discover you need a car, for example. It would be so helpful to have extra filters, such as:

  • Sort by sit start date;
  • Filter in terms of whether you need a car;
  • Filter by number of dogs;
  • Filter by small, medium or large dog;
  • Being able to search multiple countries in one search.



Hi @charlenekelly452

Thank you for your feedback, all contributions are always appreciated. I have moved your post here as our product team do look at this thread on a regular basis and are more likely to see it.

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Oh, multiple date search ranges would be incredibly useful!

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While I know that most sits are probably filled by owners posting a listing and sitters applying, rather than owners reaching out to sitters, from what I have read on the forum it seems a good number to attempt to find sitters this way. But between the limited search filters, the way location is used,etc…I imagine most aren’t successful given the size of the membership.

Some of these may have been mentioned before but a few helpful changes based on how other sites operate could be:

  1. Filter sitters by countries they have indicated interest in. So when a person on these sites search for sitters in Costa Rica, they see people who have indicated they want to visit Costa Rica.

  2. Add a filter for ‘local sitters’ that is populated by people who have ‘opted in’ to being featured on this search. On the one site I use, sitters do this by checking a box indicating such and entering an address or general location on a map (this information is not public.) When owners choose a ‘local sitter’ search, they are also able to choose a radius from their location. So whether someone want to do house sits in the country in which they live or wants to book more assignments in a country in which they are currently housesitting, owners can zero in on these people specifically.

  3. Expanding filtering criteria for types of sitters would be useful as well–age range, couple or single,etc…

  4. Either being able to filter results by how recently a sitter has been active on the site within X amount of time(not booking a sit but has just logged in or been active on their dashboard–not sure of the different ways sitter activity can be tracked) or THS being able to create an algorithm that automatically puts these sitters higher up in search results. Obviously a sitter is keeping their membership active if they are appearing on the search results, but if their last sit is from years ago, it’s unlikely they are actively seeking assignments. While an owner likely wouldn’t contact someone like this anyway–provided they checked their most recent reviews–filtering them out automatically would save people time in even looking at these profiles.


I find this very frustrating, the default always defaulting to force me to choose ad infinitum. It would be so nice, well said, Timshazz