What happened to my profile?

I have been with THS for some time and recently updated my verification as required although a Canadian. Got a positive result from Equifax and received a “congratulations” from THS as a result.
I applied for a sit some time ago and have been checking it regularly to see if there was any progress. I have just looked again and am astonished to find that I can no longer see my application. Instead there is a message saying “Complete Profile to Apply” [although I had already applied], and when I go to re-apply I am unable to as I need to “complete my profile”.
This has all happened since I “Completed my Profile” as requested and now it appears my application is no longer valid.
This is a sit I was quite keen to get as it fit in perfectly with my dates and I believe it is over a month since I applied. I will be extremely disappointed if my application has been disallowed due to a glitch in the system that seems to have come about with all the changes.

Ok, I have just checked further and find I am now unable to apply for anything as I “need to complete my profile”. I am not a happy housesitter

I am sorry to hear this, how frustrating. I wonder if the owner took down and relisted, but I can’t confirm that, so I am going to tag @Therese-Moderator who can help you with this. Hope it all works out. All the best, Vanessa

thanks @Vanessa, it seems to be affecting any application new, or old

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hi @liz let me have a look into this and I will email you directly from membership services.
kind regards Therese

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thanks @Therese-Moderator

Hi @liz I have sent you an email. Your profile is active and you will be able to apply for sits.

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thank you @Therese-Moderator . I greatly appreciate your help. My profile heading hasn’t changed since Day 1. Not sure how it became too long?

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Liz I imagine this happened to many housesitters - who because of poor planning, improper roll out and technical glitches were cut out of the system and unable to apply for a sit. It happened to me. Yes the system is up and running again, but cutting off people’s access to their profile without any notice and shutting them out of the system to me is simple bad business and poor planning.

Hope you find a new sit since you missed that one!