What if you can’t find a sitter?

Has anybody had any luck booking a sitter at the last minute?

I’ve done everything recommended to find someone. Anyone I’ve reached out to is not replying, not actively looking, or busy.

Have any of you NOT been successful finding a sitter and ended up going with a Plan B?

Right now we’re thinking that my husband will have to stay home while me and the kids go on vacation.

I guess I just want a bit of a reality check at this point since we’re traveling soon.

Thank you kindly,

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Your home and pets look lovely and I am sure this would be a wonderful sit for anyone able. I sure hope you can find someone! We were nearly without a sitter last holiday season but fortunately a local one came through in the end.


Hi @JennySalem .
Just a guess here. Did you try to reach sitters from Montréal. ? 5-6 hours of drive. No flight needed. Boston -Salem is a very interesting area to visit and your assignment is appealing. I saw some have open space for August.

Alas, no luck. The people that wrote back were already booked. :frowning:

Unfortunately, most listings that I’m seeing aren’t using the calendar. I’m really at a loss.

Do you think it’d help if I put that my house isn’t haunted??? lol. (just kidding)

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Hi Jenny,
In local FB groups and NextDoor, I’ve seen people find interested sitters after sending out an appeal. Obviously, there’s no guarantee of quality, etc. if it’s not through THS or similar site. I would guess there is payment involved. Of course, there’s also Rover; I have no experience with that either way.

Hi @JennySalem … Has any of our team already suggested giving approval for this to be listed on social media as it’s now in the last minute category? If not, let me know if you are happy with that and we can try that option :crossed_fingers:

Hi @JennySalem
You can try Rover-you have to pay someone to sit but you may be able to negotiate since you have a few fur babies. I use Trusted Housesitters because I love pets and love to travel, but it does cost me money to travel to these places. I did set up a Rover account because so many people request a local sit but honestly why would I do that when it would cost me money in gas, time, and effort when I can just stay at my house with my own fur-kids? I am not making a killing (the equivalent of about $2 per hour for 3 fur babies) but I know it will allow me to help cover travel costs for my other fur sits. Just as suggestion :slight_smile:


The sit looks great - if I weren’t already on a sit (4 sits/8 weeks) in the UK, I’d apply in a minute. I’ll keep an eye out for future sits!
I wish I had some suggestions but you already are describing a great sit!

No one has reached out, I’m more than happy to have it plastered on social media!!!

We’re sitters, but we definitely also had to go for a Plan B during the lockdown periods (since nobody was travelling there were no sits for us). We registered on a dozen more pet sitting platforms, rented a flat for a month, staid in an alternative community and did volunteering at animal sanctuaries. If I were you I would also register on more platforms and perhaps consider hiring someone to stay at your place as a Plan B. Next year I would hope that the ratio between sits and sitters will be more balanced again.

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I didnt get any interest for my sit (in May) and ended up with a combination of family + paid house-/pet-sitter which I arranged about a month before my departure. It was a big trip (postponed from 2020…) and I couldnt leave it to chance that someone would apply in the last month. And to chance that that someone was suitable. And it would have been too late making alternative arrangements.

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One of my favourite places - follow that yellow line - but unfortunately we are already in Canada for the summer. Keep trying. Talk about the significance of Salem and all the stuff to do.
Maybe even put a link to “The Crucible “. Loved our time there a fun and historic place to be. And of course take a walk down Chestnut Street and spot the where all the films were done. We spotted where a few but not really film buffs.

I just saw that it was posted on 29-Jun on Facebook. I hadn’t seen it until just now–my bad! Unfortunately, no interest.

Great advice, thanks! You’re awesome for volunteering at animal sanctuaries. We used to foster dogs. Helping animals is the best.


Jenny: Thank you for adopting and fostering rescue animals! I did notice that the sit is listed in Boston, but it is actually in Salem, so may be listing the location as Salem , but saying “ near Boston” might help. It may help if you list how many hours the animals may be left alone for folks wanting to tour a bit. Also, as a plan B, you may want to reach out to your local animal rescue contacts to see if anyone knows anyone who can help you out. My friends do that sometimes and have been lucky finding graduate students or other folks who have roommates and may welcome the solitude. You home and pets look great. Good luck! Lynn

@Southernsitter I’m just going to jump in and only address your point about Salem vs Boston. It wasn’t a decision made by Jenny, but rather a system error. It was identified and has been passed along to a staff team member for correction.

Volunteer moderator :canada:

Thanks for the advice @Southernsitter!

The location thing is a bit strange because I see some people have been able to put Salem, MA but mine always defaults back to Boston.

I did modify my listing to say that people don’t need to be tethered to the house and should feel free to explore Salem.

I think it’s probably realistic at this point to panic. lol.

Thanks again,