What is the nicest surprise you have had on a sit!?

I guess this could apply to HO’s & sitters!!

Apart from all the lovely animals on sits!!

:bear: :bear: :bear:

One of the nicest surprises I had was when Frosty the dogs human family left me lot’s of nice food!!

:penguin: :penguin: :penguin:

Yumm Yumm!!

:hamster: :hamster: :hamster:


One of the nicest surprises I had (and I’ve been lucky to have had many) was a Mother’s Day Card from Barclay in San Diego. :heart: :dog:

I still have no idea how he went to the store, wrote and mailed it … Mind he is a VERY Good Dog and a clever boy :rofl:


We stayed on a HS looking after 4 dogs for 6 Weeks, it was over Christmas, New Year and my 50th, the HO sent a message the week before Christmas and asked me to go to a cupboard (they didn’t do decorations etc, however were more than happy for us to get a tree, wreath and decorations, I donated them to the local charity shop at the end of our stay) there was cupboard full of presents for the Dogs and Us too, all 4 of us, My Husband was only coming for Christmas Eve and my Birthday, so thoughtful too, they also had the Neighbour buy some Flowers for my Birthday, when they got back they insisted on paying for us a a family to have a nice lunch out on our way home. (My Husband came in our bigger vehicle to pick up all our belongings, my Car has a very little boot space).
Quite often the HO will leave some treats for the Teens and bring back something from their travels for the Teens or us as a family.
We will always leave a Thank you Card and a little something either Flowers or something that’s meaningful to them.


My best surprise did not come from owners (many invited me for dinner, in their home or outside, one had totally repainted “my” room before my arrival) the best surprise came from a couple of sitters who sent me framed photos of my former cat and dog, they have kept for us, when they learnt the 2 had passed away in a few months time.


I hope it was the same color as before…:rofl:


This was the bedroom where she would petsit.:wink:
I hope so

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The owner sent me photos of the room being repainted (with new curtains as i said i feared light and needed dark to be able to sleep)to welcome me.
I don’t remember if the color was différent. It was cream and new when we arrived. But no smell left

This was certainly meant well but I confess, I would not be amused, because I am very particular about color and fabrics I want in my house. I would not appreciate it if somebody thought that maybe another color or curtain looked better than those I chose…I actually would be furious.

I think Provence was the sitter in this case, not the HO…

You did not understand me : the new curtains were not put in my home, but in the owner’s home (i was theirsitter).
I can’t imagine a sitter repainting the house where (s)he stays !!
The owners had warned me they would repaint the guest room and sent me the photos during the work. it was the beginning of a nice relationship. It was my first sit in Costwolds, 2years and a half later, we are still in contact regularly

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Ah, then I misunderstood. I thought the sitter in your house did you a favor by painting your room :rofl: