What kind of information do you miss seeing on a listing?

Owners publish more or less infos on them and their personal their listing.

Are you expecting more on what topic ?

Home (tv, wifi, amenities, remote place ?)

  • photos

Public transportation

Surroundings ? Links to places of interest near by ?

Pets (disabled, educated, obedient ?). Duration of walks, of the daily “work” to be done ?

Profession and personal tastes of owners

If not given do you dare ask more infos BEFORE being selected or after, ready to cancel if you don’t like the answers ?

Or you don’t give a damn; any sit in the country you target will be fine?


We like to ask before hand.
WiFi etc nearest shops

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I need my coffee in the morning.
We travel with an electric cool boxs.
I try to buy the milk just before we arrive.
At the HO


Because of our own dog, we always travel by our own car. So transport is not a problem, we do not care about information about the surrounding area. We already know the approximate location from the map. We will take care in detail of that after we have accepted a sit. This is very easy today via the Internet. A few clicks and you know where to go.

What is important to me in the first place are information about the pets. Health condition (disabled, medication), usual or unusual behaviour patterns. Info about this you can never have enough.

Secondarily, info about the house. Preferably photos from the Kitchen, living room and our sitter room. How to Maintenance if it’s unusual in some way. Like heating, water or electricity. On or off-grid? Vegan household, yes or no.

And a must is a clear expectation from the HO what daily task is the sitter required to do.

Personal info about profession, religion, taste or other private things are not essential for us. Because the HO will not be in the house. So house and pets are most important.

If I want to know something I ask.
No, I would not accept, if I do not get all the info I need, even if I ask.


My checklist when I search for housesits include:

  1. Information about the pets
  2. House/home/location is inspiring
  3. Must have high speed WiFi (as hubby and I work remotely)
  4. What other responsibilities/tasks are specified
  5. Use of car included
  6. Duration of the sit
  7. What have previous house sitters said about the sit

I prefer to meet the HOs during the application process via FaceTime/WhatsApp to go through list of questions both parties may have and also to clarify “logistics”. When I apply for a housesit I always suggest to have that call.

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I always need my coffee in the morning :yum:
When we are housesitting in Spain, we bring our own espresso machine :+1:


Do you ask your questions before being selected? When you give your phone are you called before being selected (among other potential sitters?)

My application is always personal tailored to the housesit I am applying for. It starts with an introduction of my hubby and myself, the reason why we are applying for the housesit and our current location (as it might be different to the location of the housesit).
If I have questions for clarification, yes I am adding those to my application.

It has happened that HOs come back and explain that we are shortlisted and we agree on a call. Every time that happened we were chosen.

It has happened that HOs chose us after exchanging a couple of emails and then had the call afterwards.


Very well said. Exactly our way as well.

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