What’s the chance of this?!

We’re in Cromarty and im sure there were similar dates for another house sit here. Its not that big a place so im wondering where they are as id love to say hi! I should have taken a pic of the house from the ad so i could knock on the door!

See you got to Cirencester too. Another interesting town and home of one of the best agricultural colleges.

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Today @Dreb & I paid a quick visit to Bath


How wonderful! I hope someday we’ll get to meet another Trusted Housesitter when we are Housesitting. Enjoy!


What a wonderful coincidence!
Castle Combe is so beautiful. Dave will be taking great memories back to the USA with him :heart_eyes:


His favourite

We were sitting in Fife earlier in the year and discovered the couple next door were THS sitters too. They hadn’t been sitting for long so we were able to answer lots of their questions about full time sitting. :slightly_smiling_face:


When we arrived at our last sit for the summer, there were sitters next door and just before we ended that sit another sitter began her stint next door.

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Were they from THS?

hello! I am new at this. Sorry for asking.
Are sitters allowed to go around and sightseeing while sitting?

Yes, definitely. Most of us sit so that we can visit a new area. Obviously, pet and house care take priority, but sightseeing is common. Sometimes a HO states that a pet (usually a dog) cannot be left alone, but would still allow a sitter to take the dog with them to dog-friendly places.

Last year we were doing a housesit in April over in Portugal, near Coimbra. It was a repeat sit as the previous year we had been there too but then we covered two homes and their pets as both homeowners were travelling back to UK together. We met John and Karen who were sitting at the same time. This was a first for us and we were very impressed with their long record of 5 star reviews. Karen was a nurse and John was a very fit cycling enthusiast. They shared many interesting details of their varied housesitting and caravanning experiences, all over Europe.
We felt they were kindred spirits and got on really well. Unfortunately their owners had returned so our meeting was just one afternoon. Nevertheless it was fun and we hope to keep in touch.
If they are reading this, hi from Mark and Pam Farmborough!


Hi @Highfive we were just vacationing in Portugal this past June…loved, loved loved Coimbra. What a special place with such beauty.

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Yes it is a beautiful place! I really enjoyed a tour of the beautiful university. We stayed at a lovely hotel in walking distance of the city called Hotel Quinta das Lagrimas which had a romantic legend attached to it.
Another great visit was to a beautiful estate which had been a royal hunting lodge before being converted into an expensive hotel. Originally the site had been used for a Carmelite monastery, but much had been torn down to make way for the royal palace of Carlos I. We just visited for the day but the trees were several hundred years old and the hotel was in the Manueline style of architecture. Great photo opportunities!
We like revisiting but now we spend more time with animals since we’ve joined THS. It’s great making new friends and finding out about other places to visit.
As we live near Madrid, it’s quite easy to travel across to Portugal by car. It’s one of our favourite destinations!

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Always great to meet up with other Housesitters and exchange stories

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