What to do when owners don't leave a feedback?

Hi, everyone.
I had my first official house sit a week ago and the owner has not left a review yet.
At first, she said that there was a glitch in the server and she had tried but couldn’t, which was true.
But then the problem was fixed and I left a review for her profile.
Then the server ask me to request a review from her which I did.
After a few days, I asked her again, directly on WhatsApp.
It’s been a week now and I am mortified.
New house sitters NEED the reviews.
I don’t know what to do.
I think I’ll just send her a last WhatsApp message saying something to the effect of “I have noticed you haven’t posted a review yet. I am very serious about house sitting full time in the future, so this is important to me. If there are things that you didn’t like please let me know on WhatsApp. I want to improve what I can and your opinion is very valuable. But if you just forgot, please take a few minutes and do it, because competition is fierce and new sitters need every review they can get.”

What do you think?


Hi,please find the thread in the owners forum called why some sitters don’t leave feedback.

I’m having issues today adding the forum link,sorry.

It’s about all you can do.
We are all guilty of being forgetful sometimes and hopefully that’s all it is. Fingers crossed with a weekend ahead of them they’ll get round to it.
Our last but one sit we waited 8 months for a review, I’d obviously completely given up, and then it just appeared. We are lucky though we gave 30+, I know it’s far more important at the beginning of your journey.

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Hi Catherine.

Thank you for asking this. We are sorry to hear that the owner has not left you a review yet for your recent housesit.

I can see that you have been doing everything correctly, by reminding them to leave a review and by clicking to request a review. We would always encourage this should a member get in contact about no feedback or review left.

You can also reach out to us at support@trustedhousesitters.com if you would like us to send a reminder email to the owner and remind them of the importance of reviews and feedback.

Kind regards,


@Catherine, I always check the reviews an owner has left for other sitters before I accept a sit. Within the past several days I came across a sit that sounded interesting, and the homeowner had six excellent reviews from sitters. When I checked those sitters’ profiles, the owner had not left one single review for any of them. I decided not to apply for the sit, as the sit wasn’t interesting enough to do it with no possibility of a review. And it made me wonder if a homeowner who is problematic about leaving reviews might be problematic in other ways.