What to do when owners don't leave feedback?

Hi Jackie… I’ll check this out with Ben tomorrow to see if there’s any update and get back to you. Good to hear you got your review though!! Take care, Vanessa

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Hi @Vanessa-ForumCMgr and @Ben-ProductManager
Having just started our summer of sits for this year it’s disappointing to discover this fault has still not been fixed.
Neither I or our homeowners have had a prompt to review. We have other sits booked (though I still didn’t get a prompt last year when I had no more sits booked). They have other sits listed but have no applicants

Hi @JackieX could you please check that you have opted into all email coms. Could you please get in touch with membership services on this and provide the relevant details of the Sit.

Its an odd one as I personally have just received the review email (this was on both sides) It is sent out 1 day and 3 days after the Sit.

Thanks, Ben

In the short term, if this issue occurs again, you can also request a review via the web/app straight after the Sit.

Thanks, Ben

Yes! That’s a great idea. Much fairer to everyone.

Hi @Ben-ProductManager, there is also another current thread in relation to this and @JackieX is not the only one experiencing this. I can’t remember the last time I received this prompted email. It’s now 5 days since I completed my last sit and no email on 1 day and 3 days after. I have resorted to requesting a review today which I have had to do for past sits because the prompt emails never come through. As I mentioned in the other thread, my notifications are on and spam checked. @Therese-Moderator was looking into it. Does THS automatically prompt a home owner to leave a review?

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Hi @temba thank you we will pick this up with product and CRM considering the number of members this seems to be affecting ATM.

HO here…had s sitter over Easter and remember getting a prompt to leave a review shortly after the sit finished. Another sit finished last Tuesday, and this time there have been no prompts to leave a review.

I can confirm that neither I nor my HO’s have had either prompt, and I do have email notifications on

We also have never received any prompts to complete review as sitters. I will see if I get one in a couple of weeks as a homeowner. Notifications are on.

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Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity, is there any more to report on this issue of no email being received by owners and sitters re leaving a review/feedback? Thanks!

Hi @Ben-ProductManager
I’ve just finished my last sit of the season, i.e
I have no more booked.
I have had no email reminder for a review for any of them.
Yes I am still opted in to receiving emails

We have never had an email reminder for a review.

We give our feedback immediately the day after the sit ends then wait up to a week for the home host to leave us a review. If we have not received a review in seven days I send the homeowners a direct message to politely ask if they would mind doing so.

All but one have done so with pleasure - the one that didn’t I just left


Hi @JackieX I’m sure Ben will respond but I’m also going to tag @Therese-Moderator who will pick this up for you when she is back online.

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@JackieX I will investigate this further with Ben and the tech team. Please bear with us in this regards.
Kind regards

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Hi @all @JackieX
I wanted to keep you in the loop, as our tech team have come back to me to say, that these emails are all set up to run continuously to every completed sit. However, there is an ongoing issue where if there is another sit starting soon after this completed one, the journey won’t pick them up. They are looking into this to see if they can fix this, or if they need to rebuild the journey. Unfortunately there is no timing on this.
Hope this helps to give a bit more clarity and thank you for your patience.

I’ve been told this before, which is why I made the point that I have no more sits booked

@JackieX Thank you for this. I will relay this back to tech team. Thank you.

Hi @JackieX - I am not too clear what you are asking - are you a sitter wanting a reminder to do feedback for your home host?

Hi @Colin I am a sitter, have been for 10 years, since before we could do feedback for homeowners, so I don’t actually need a reminder, but, the new sitters and owners do