What to do when you get a bad star rating?

Serious Cinderella and mean taskmasters vibe.


Perhaps the homeowner read the Sitter Cleaning List on the website
Cleanliness checklist

It’s important to make sure when leaving a sit, that you leave it as spick and span as found it. Here’s a handy 10-point cleaning checklist to help you on your way:

  1. Tidy and dust, vacuum and/or mop the floors (don’t forget to empty the vacuum bag, too)
  2. Empty all rubbish/garbage bins, and take out any recycling
  3. Empty the dishwasher (or wash and put away any dirty dishes), and give the cooker, microwave and any other cooking utensils a clean
  4. Clean out the fridge and dispose of any open or perishable food items, and replace any cupboard items you may have used
  5. Clean the bathroom, including the shower/bath and toilet, and replenish any soaps or toilet paper you’ve used up. Don’t forget to take your toiletries!
  6. Launder any towels and bedding you’ve used, and remake the bed with clean bedding — if the owners are home early and there’s no time to do this step, don’t worry. Just make sure to strip the bed and put the bedding in the washing machine
  7. In the bedroom, double-check the wardrobe and drawers if you’ve used them, and make sure to do a final check to ensure you’ve not left anything behind
  8. Launder pet beds and blankets, and clean all of the pet’s dishes
  9. Used the owner’s car? Make sure it’s clean and full of gas/petrol
  10. Finally, check outside: is the garden, yard and driveway as tidy as when you arrived? If the pet you’ve been caring for has been to the toilet in the garden, don’t forget to pick up and dispose of any “surprises”!

Thanks for letting me know your experience @pietkuip. I really appreciate the support and knowledge of other pet sitters experiences.

She is genuinely a lovel person and I actually got an apology from her today about her behaviour towards me. She did try to take her review down but couldn’t. The 14 day period
is up tomorrow so I will contact support services for help and hopefully they can take it down. Otherwise I will reply back to her review.

Many thanks
Cat Lover :heart:


Thanks heaps @sledgejoyce.

Hi @Katie. She actually is a very nice lady. I usually do mop and should have done so this time instead of only vacuuming. She is house proud and I understand that, I just feel that she doesn’t quite understand how important reviews are. I have no ill will towards her and would sit for her again I just wouldn’t ask her to do a review.

Hi @RosiePosie, I would sit for her again. As stated she genuinely is a nice person. She even contacted me and apologised for her behaviour towards me which I was very greatful for. She tried to take down her review which obviously she can’t so I will contact support services for help and hopefully they will take down the review for me.

I’ve learnt a lot from this experience. We all just need to show kindness towards each other as you never know whats going on for people behind the scene.


I’m sorry you had that unfair review and agree with many responses on here. I just wanted to add that after reading some HO reviews of sitters complaining about them not washing and drying the linens, not dusting everywhere (!), not vacuuming and/or washing the floors, leaving a few dishes in the dishwasher (personally I wouldn’t dream of sending the dishwasher through if it’s only partially filled, plus then you run the risk of getting criticized for not unloading it when it’s finished) etc., etc. - I now ask straight up in the video call what they would like me to do as far as cleaning before I leave. I take notes on it in a little notebook I bring along to sits so I don’t forget. I have never mopped a floor, just sweep and/or vacuum dirty areas, and I have all 5-star reviews for tidy/clean for my 11 sits thus far. I agree with others that as a sitter I appreciate other sitter reviews pointing out ridiculous ways the HO might be nitpicky — and don’t consider sits where the HO is too fussy.


Thank you so much for your support @Treeandcathugger. I really appreciate you saying this! Most of the HO I’ve delt with have been excellent. As I said before the HO in question is a really nice person and I would sit for her again however she just doesn’t understand the rating system and seemed to get for angry when I tried to ask questions.

She did contact me today and apologised to me and said she tried to take down the review and couldn’t.

I have now reached out to support services to see if they can take it down which she initiated and have included her comments to me so hopefully they can. There is only one day left before the 14 days are up so I hope THS will answer my email in time.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

@Cat_Lover The HO should be the one reaching out to Customer support. They won’t take down the review if you request it. How about she reaches out to them to adjust your stars to 5 stars? That sounds like a win/win.

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Hi @123ForumUser,

I’ve reached out to support services and included the message she sent me stating that she tried to take the review down which she did of her own accord. Due to the 14 day policy deadline finishing tomorrow I am hoping they will do it as its a time sensitive matter and they can read our conversation which shows she initiated this. I’m hoping she would have also contacted them. We will see. . :pray::crossed_fingers:

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She wont do 5 stars as previously stated she doesn’t believe anyone deserves 5 stars

I did read that, but I was hoping she may have changed her mind. In this case you are too kind to be willing to sit for her in future. Just keep in mind she may give you even lower rating for your next sit. Good luck!

I don’t have good experiences with that. In my case, it was the HO who contacted support and then support edited my review to remove the name of my travel blog.

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Star inflation is the reason I no longer pay attention to the number of stars but just carefully read the reviews, be it for housesitters or hotels or a product. When I see someone has 3 stars I always check that review to see how picky the reviewer was. If I see 3 stars and the reviewer has nothing negative to say, I figure they are a product of the French educational system, where no one ever gets a perfect score even with no mistakes!


I am actually hoping to now start to see more four stars when I read through the reviews as it portrays a much more honest review system.

It’s for us all to change our mindset on what is a good ‘score’

A four-star review is not a bad star rating - It is a very good star rating!

Who would turn their nose up at staying in a four-star hotel or eating in a four-star restaurant?


A blind review system had been requested for some time from both sitters and hosts. It enables more realistic and honest reviews without fear of retaliation.

The system won’t work if every time someone gets less than five stars they ask for it to be removed or amended. If this is allowed to happen it makes a mockery of the review system.

In my view the only time Membership Services should get involved is when there is an obvious error such as marking sitters high in all categories and the overall score is low. I understood that the overall score was an average of the category scores but apparently not and mistakes sometimes occur.

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It’s impossible to control what other people do or say, here on THS or in any other aspects of life. If you do pet sits, there is always the possibility that someone might not give a review, or give less than 4 stars. Anyone with a brain can read these reviews and read between the lines. Like @pietkuip , I got a 3 star review once. This was after a sit that was very hard work and I did the very best I could. I was very upset, but got no support from anywhere. Soon after that, I did other sits and they went better, and lots of people still want me to pet sit for them. Life goes on.

No doubt, some people reading this will think that I must be a bad pet sitter because I got 3 stars once from someone, and it was all my fault, but that is fine too. I cannot control what others think.

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Hi @Colin Unfortunately this HO’s view is -
‘She doesn’t like giving reviews and doesn’t believe in giving ANYONE 5 stars as she thinks its ridiculous. No one ever does an excellent job of anything.’ Her words not mine

Its hard to reason with this logic.

Please don’t get me wrong, she is actually a really nice person but for some reason reviews and ratings seem to be a triger for her.

Unfortunately reviews and ratings is how we show home owers that we are trustworthy, reliable, kind, caring and love animals and their babies will be safe and secure with us. When this breaks down what can we do? Unfortunately in this instant I am the one that is going to suffer her consequences of not reforming to the terms and conditions of the rating system.

Is there actually anywhere in the T&C stating a HO has to give a rating between 1 and 5 stars and not how your personal belief of how the 1 to 5 star rating should be?? E.G No one deserves 5 stars urgo I am not abiding to this system?

That would be interesting to know

It all just seems ridiculous to me :woman_shrugging:t2:

There is some guidance when hovering with one’s mouse over the stars. I think at five stars it says “Excellent” and at 4 stars it says “Good”. I don’t remember the rest.

This lady is not the only person who rarely gives 5 stars and to be honest, I can see her point.
In many industries businesses have to jump through hoops to be awarded five star status which is why they are so sought after.
As I said previously, four stars is a good review, no one should be disappointed in being given four stars for their service.

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