What to include in "house manual"

Hi everyone, anyone has advise in what to write about for the sitters? I started a document and then could not decide what was enough and what may be more than needed. Is there a template some place, something with trigger questions perhaps? Thank you in advance!


The welcome guide provides these triggers.
As a sitter though I don’t know where you find it…

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Hi @leila-paul. As @JackieX advises, there is indeed a template within the dashboard that will guide you through all the different categories of information that will help your sitters once you’ve selected someone for your sit.

If you go to your dashboard, you’ll see a box that says Edit Welcome Guide…

This will guide you through the process, and becomes an invaluable resource for sitters with all the information they might need about the property, the pets, the location. You can always supplement this with other information you feel is relevant, but as a sitter, having this information in advance is so very helpful. It also helps prompt any questions that might arise for the pre-sit chat or at handover.

You may find that some members will give you suggestions of other useful information not covered in the guide, but it is pretty comprehensive as a starting point.

If you need anymore help with this, don’t hesitate to ask. All the best!

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Hello @leila-paul,
As a sitter I would advise you to use the guidelines from the Welcome Guide AND to print a hard copy to let in the house. We have already discuss about that in this forum and lots of sitters agreed to say it was handy to have a hard copy so when it is time to get the bin outside you don’t have to check your phone, log in your account and scroll on your dashboard to find which bin you have to take out, what time of the day and in which corner of the village you have to leave it (when it is a village for exemple)… Thank you for preparing a complete Welcome Guide it is always highly appreciated.


that’s awesome - thank you!

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thank you so much for your feedback, that is very helpful!

thank you - just got the link!