When a HO has to cancel due to family emergency can they ammend confirmation so I can confirm another sit

So I had a HO inform me from the getgo that she had an ill family member and there was a chance she’d need to cancel. Well I touched base yesterday and her family member took a turn for the worst meaning she’ll need to cancel. I found some options here in Vermont so I contacted them and it looks like an alternative has revealed itself. My question can the HO cancel in the system even though it was confirmed originally? Not sure how rhat would work? Suggestions appreciated. Thanks you :yellow_heart::star:

The host has to ‘unconfirm’ the sit. You can also already go ahead and confirm another sit. We often do sits where the dates overlap (by a night or two) this is not prohibited on THS.

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Thanks! I’ll let her know.

I don’t think you can do that anymore. I did it last year but now a few of my HO said they couldn’t send me a confirmation because it came up unavailable. Double-check on the overlap booking. I’d like to know. Thanks.

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Well she’s going to update me, I’ll uodate the post when i know more.

Well it worked, she was able to unconfirm it, and i accepted the alternative sit ahead of it. Just grateful it all worked out for the best.


We’ve only ever overlapped by a day or two and its always worked. Just last week we confirmed a sit with one night overlap.
Perhaps it doesn’t work for longer periods.
It may also make a difference if you are a single sitter or a couple (like us) who can split.

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So a similar situation is happening with my sitter. She said that there is a chance that she will need to leave to take care of a sick relative, but she wasn’t sure yet. The sit is coming up in about 10 days, so I want to try to find another sitter sooner rather than later. I didn’t cancel the original though, just in case she is still able to make it. Do I need to do something different? Will my request for a sitter not show up if I already have one confirmed? Thanks.

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Hi @pbjb welcome to our helpful and supportive community forum, I’m sorry that you have some uncertainty with your upcoming sit and sitter and we can get the help and advice that you need. I’m going to flag @Therese-Moderator who will pick this up with you when she is back online.

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Hi @pbjb
I wanted to confirm, also for the benefit of other members, that you will not be able to make your listing live again for the same dates that you have a confirmed sitter.
However, you will be able to reach out without having to add dates, to all the previous applicants in your inbox, who were declined. If you explain in your message the situation, and see if they are maybe still available.

I have emailed you directly from membership services to assist you further.

I’m still a little confused. Can I cancel the sit and decline the sitter and then will my post go live again? I reached out to previous applicants but only one replied but wasn’t sure yet if she could do it. I’m worried because the sit is just a little over a week away.

Once you have declined your confirmed sitter, your listing should become “live” again but might not necessarily be shown as a New listing @pbjb. You can check the status of your listing by clicking Find a Sit and putting in your location.