When do I panic about getting a sitter?

@NOmtnClowns This is wonderful news and I can imagine your relief. The power of community in action. Have a wonderful time with your father and enjoy that precious time together :purple_heart:


That is such brilliant news, thank you for updating everyone and thank you to all of our members who encouraged and supported @NOmtnClowns.

As Vanessa says

“Team work makes the dream work”

Safe and happy travels and enjoy your family time, we have sorely missed that for too long. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Melanie: So glad that you found a sitter! Enjoy your trip.



HI, I live in Cambridge UK and have been looking for a house sitter over Easter. We have a five bed + garden house near to the center that I thought would be popular but have had no enquiries. I have checked the pictures, tried inviting some people who I found out had saved our sit but still nothing. I used the boost option last week. Anyone got any other suggestions? we have two labradoodles who are incredibly easy going. I am getting a bit panicked!

@ACU There is a way to link your house profile to your forum name. (I think it’s in your TH.com dashboard.) That way people on the forum can see if there is anything we can recommend to help strengthen your profile. I will say that it has been challenging for us all over the past two years to find sitters. I live in New Orleans(USA) and pre-covid I couldn’t handle all the sitter requests I would get to each posting. Even now I’m lucky to get one or two. Things are improving, but I think many sitters are still hesitant to travel, especially making plans more than about a month out. Hang in there, someone will apply. Be sure to have quality pictures in your profile of kitchen, bedroom , bath, sitting area that sitters will be using. Clean, uncluttered spaces are best! List all the things there are to do in your area (not everyone knows all that Cambridge has to offer.) Also list easy ways to arrive at your house by train, car bus…whatever. Make your most compelling picture your default photo!!
Good luck!

Hi @ACU I have moved your post to this thread and a similar conversation with some help and advice … as @NOmtnClowns says you can add your listing to your forum profile this will help members to find it this link will show you how: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Hi @ACU I have looked at your listing. I was confused by one statement about your adult children ‘staying at home for the time being’. Will they be travelling with you, or staying elsewhere, as they will not be allowed in the home during the sit? I suggest you make that clearer.

Also, I encourage you to read a recent post, a cluttered space as this type of feedback from sitters can be seen in many threads. Your photos need to display your home looking its best. I suggest you retake the bedroom and kitchen photos, showing a clear bed and countertops. It may seem trivial, but it’s an easy fix that might make all the difference.

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Thank you SOOOOO much Angela
I am slowly getting to grips with this all and so grateful for the amazing help

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YOu are a star, thank you so much for taking the time to reply

@ACU I can’t see your listing. Anyway, Which dates?

HI, its March 30-10 April. I am wondering if I have done something wrong with the listing?
Thank you so much for your time in replying
I am going to go back and look

I can’t open the link from your profile here. I will be trying finding from the website.

@ACU I have taken the liberty of boosting your listing. If you would like @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to post it on social media, do ask her.
I have emailed you directly from membership services.
Kind regards

@ACU we are also looking for a sitter for similar dates in East Sussex - in the past we’ve had lots of applicants but am getting panicked. I have reached out and used the search facility to find people who may be available (its difficult as not all sitters keep their availability up to date). Good luck :slight_smile:

@smcinnes1706 I’ve taken a look at your listing, and it looks inviting. I particularly like your comments about the little guy standing up to the tall one. Small but mighty, I guess. :rofl:

I would suggest that you add photos of the bedroom and bathroom the sitter(s) will use, as well as the kitchen. You will read on the forum that many sitters want to see the areas they will be using, and some will skip over listings altogether that don’t provide those photos.

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Thanks for the advice - I’ll get on it

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