When the pet owner returns and doesn't message

We always plan to meet on both sides. That said, we did one sit that they had a flight delay and we had to leave without seeing them due to our flight. It was nerve wracking.

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The same happend to us. All was fine and we met them in person before the sit and had regular messages via whatsapp. At the last day, we left a message on the table with some sweets and the house very clean. The cats were happy. Last message was, they landed and are back home and we never heard again from them. We messaged them again some days later, but nothing. They ghosted us and we don‘t know why.


Have you sent them a review request yet? Once we’ve sent our request from the site we always send a follow up WhatsApp to alert them to the request. That is also an opportunity to check in with them too, that all is well. They might have just been caught up in arrival home stuff. You never know. I would also wait with giving your feedback till you’ve received your review.

Yeah, I had the same situation actually.

I was thanked in a message before they returned to their house and that was it.

I felt the same feelings you did but I worked on the emphasis of “no news is good news”.
I didn’t receive THS feedback either despite reminding them.

I noticed the homeowner has another housesit advertised so they are obviously happy with the service and have a few applicants to go through.

@MustLoveCats It is not feedback you receive but a Review. Very important for your profile. Since they are advertising again I think you should prompt them again for a review- IMHO its not OK for them to just move on to the next sitters without acknowledging your effort by giving you a review!!

We gave them a nice Review some days later, because the home, the pets and the first meeting was nice. I’m not begging for a rating. And we have some lovely reviews. Just move on :)…

I have already asked THS to prompt this and still awaiting.

I can see the owner had a sitter before me with no feedback either.

I am lucky I have various 5 stars reviews to even bother worrying about not receiving a review on this one occasion but it would be a bit of a pickle for someone house sitting the first time of course.

@MustLoveCats Do you mean the previous sitter left no feedback? or the host gave them no review? These days we always cross check previous sitters to see what (if any) feedback they gave and what review they received. If anything raises red flags we just move on! Yesterday I saw a sit in the UK that looked lovely- desirable location, gorgeous home, sweet pets and a very welcoming profile. I was going to favourite it for future dates but then decided to check the previous sitters of which there were 4. No feedback from any of them and none of them got a review from the hosts!! That’s a no go for me but i saw they already have 4 applicants for their current dates so obviously not everyone does their background research! Or maybe reviews aren’t important to everyone. But also the 5 app limit puts pressure to apply quickly before careful consideration.
In future I’d suggest you wait for your review before giving any feedback.

The previous sitter had no feedback nor did the owner provide any.

I always wait for the homeowner to give me feedback before I give mine.

Did you ask the owner why they did not review the last sitter? We sometimes do ask that question & usually there is a reasonable explanation. Except one host (who turned out to be our worst ever host!) Who said, about one previous sitter that she just didn’t like him so gave no review. Looking back that should have been a red flag!

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There was NO red flags to begin with as I honestly thought I had been the only sitter. They approached me. I didn’t apply. I accepted.