When to start worrying about no one applying to housesit?

Hi @Adrian welcome to our community forum thank you for joining, I see you sit is in May which is still a way ahead. Looking at your listing you could add some more images, there are none of the cats.

In the section “Home & Location” give some more information about your home, home entertainment, is there an office to use (many work from home these days) and location, what do you have close by, any shops, amenities (groceries etc.)

Dog walking “90 mins a day” split morning/evening, are the walks close by? What is Mina like/ A little about her personality, easy going, very active … put a sitters hat on, what would you want to know to make this a sit you would apply for. You can also add the link to your listing in your forum profile How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile then other members will find your listing.

We have new members joining every day you could search local sitters and reach out, we advise new members to start locally so they can introduce themselves to the pets and pet families, if convenient.

I hope that all helps and I’m sure there will other snippets of advice from members here on the forum.

Angela and the Team

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