When to start worrying about no one applying to housesit?

Hi All! This is the first time I’ve used the forum so hope that I’ve put this question in the right place!!
I hope someone can put my mind at rest!!! I used Trusted Housesitters a few times last year to find house sitters for my two dogs and when i put up the listing I got at least 5-6 applicants almost instantly and selected some brilliant people.
However last week I put up new dates and only had one person apply (who sadly has since said she is now unavailable).
Our listing is still live but am not getting any - we are going away in 4 weeks time… when do I start to panic that no one is going to apply and how do I make it more appealing to potential sitters?
Any advise very gratefully received!!!

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Hi Michelle. I am having the same problem. My sit is not until June but like you previously have had several applications. Not sure if people are being cautious or what. Interested to hear what other people are experiencing.

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Hi @Michelle-P and welcome to the THS Forum. I think as everything is reopening there will be a lot of more sits, than sitters.
I did a quick search and there are currently 2152 house sits in the United Kingdom. Wow!
Sitters are now also going through mandatory background checks with a deadline of March 16, which may further affect the number of available sitters.
I did try to open your posting under your profile, but I think the link is not correct.

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity would you please verify Michelle’s listing is active? I am not able to open the link.

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Hi @Michelle-P and welcome. Similar to @CambridgeAnnie , I wasn’t able to use your link. From the link address, it looks as though you may have copied it when you were in the middle of editing.

If you add your dates to this post, it will at least help others search for your listing. I searched ‘Hitchin’ and, without the dates, there are 101 listings.

These instructions may also help you correct your link:

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Hi @Snowbird I checked my link and redid it. Can you please tell me if it works now? Thanks Ann


Hi @Michelle-P and a warm welcome. As @Snowbird mentions, your listing link wasn’t quite right but I’ve fixed it for you now :slight_smile: This happens when you share the URL from “Edit Listing” rather than from “Your Listing” where it says LIVE. If you click this area the greyed out box will take you to your listing as others see it.

You’ll get some great advice and reassurance I’m sure from our helpful members across the forum. Times are a little different now with sitters waiting until closer the dates. Remember as a premium member you also have the option to boost your listing once as well, pushing it back into the “NEW” sits for 24 hours. Maybe good to do on a Saturday morning to attract the weekend browsers :slight_smile:

Wishing you weekend success!!


Hi @BunnyCat thank you for being super helpful and checking on @Michelle-P listing which @Vanessa-ForumCMgr has checked also and it was a broken link which she has fixed.

It’s great seeing members helping members … the forum working for and in the community.

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Glad it’s just not me… Always have had an inbox full of applicants within days, and this year I had a few (less than previous years) but had 3 in a row bail out after semi or fully committing, now the other original applicants have other sits lined up and I’m not getting any more applicants at all. My sit isn’t until mid-April so not panicking just yet, just thought it was strange. The reopening theory that BunnyCat talks about could explain it somewhat I guess.


Yes it works @CambridgeAnnie. Looks a lovely sit with gorgeous kitties. Just sorry I won’t be in England then.

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Thank you so much.

Hi @CambridgeAnnie - Thank you! Good luck and fingers crossed for your trip away!

Thank you so much @Vanessa-ForumCMgr @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and @Snowbird. I am a bit of a technophobe and struggling to work my way around the site! Thanks so much for sorting out my link - so kind of you.
Would you be able to explain how I boost my listing to new again please? I’ve not seen that option at all!

Thank you so much @BunnyCat for helping - it so lovely to know that people out there are willing to take time out of their own busy lives to comment and help others.
Fingers crossed we will get some applicants!


Your house and dogs look lovely and if I was available I’d apply, which isn’t very helpful I know. I presume you’ve asked all the previous applicants you had first time round? Also, have you tried doing a search for sitters in your area and/or further afield? Always worth spending a bit of time doing that.
Good luck, there’s still plenty of time but I can understand you’d be anxious

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Hi @Michelle-P Have you considered switching out your first photo on your listing? I suggested it to someone else recently and it was effective. When searching, sitters are drawn to listings for various reasons, including a photo of the home (inside or out), the landscape, or the pets. You currently show your home as the first photo, so perhaps switch it out to one or both of your pets instead? This may draw in the sitters who can’t resist an adorable pet photo. :blush:

Hi again @Michelle-P and here are the instructions to boost your listing. Remember it’s only once per set of dates.

  • Go to Dashboard on the drop down menu
  • Select “Manage Dates”
  • You’ll see the option beside each set of dates (if more than one) to “boost these dates”

I’ve popped a screenshot here to help you:

Hope that helps, but if you get stuck at all just shout. All the best, Vanessa

Welcome Michelle, as a sitter I was like to see pictures of the pet, bedroom,restroom/shower and kitchen/living room. Also, if there are reviews,it is is near public transport or if car can be parked in the grounds. The breed type is important to me too and if the dog is good at walking or exercising.

@Snowbird that would be. I cannot resist a cute pet picture. Even when I look through the photos and I know the dates are not going to work or the house isn’t optimal, once I see those pets I want to apply! It takes a lot of self restraint not to apply.


I’m having this issue as well. So far not one sitter has applied, or even saved my listing!

Hi @Adrian welcome to our community forum thank you for joining, I see you sit is in May which is still a way ahead. Looking at your listing you could add some more images, there are none of the cats.

In the section “Home & Location” give some more information about your home, home entertainment, is there an office to use (many work from home these days) and location, what do you have close by, any shops, amenities (groceries etc.)

Dog walking “90 mins a day” split morning/evening, are the walks close by? What is Mina like/ A little about her personality, easy going, very active … put a sitters hat on, what would you want to know to make this a sit you would apply for. You can also add the link to your listing in your forum profile How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile then other members will find your listing.

We have new members joining every day you could search local sitters and reach out, we advise new members to start locally so they can introduce themselves to the pets and pet families, if convenient.

I hope that all helps and I’m sure there will other snippets of advice from members here on the forum.

Angela and the Team

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