Where have all the sitters gone to?

@Pommiegran There are couple of more things to try before that. You can boost your listing here:

and when you get to 7 days before the sit starts and you still have no applicants you can post it here

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Hi @Pommiegran search locally or within a close radius to you, new sitter members are not identified in any particular way, they will have their verifications, references but no THS reviews and we advise new sitters to begin with local sits to help get their reviews.

I’ve noticed this and can only think there are far more home owners with sits than there are sitters. It must be the only explanation and don’t think Covid is much of a factor any more


Hello everybody, I think that my concern might have already been raised, but I really don’t understand why we have only one applicant on a post to find a cat sitter… we are looking for someone for mid-May, and would normally have lots of applications in 24h, which is no longer the case.
So I have two questions actually: a) What could be the explanation? and b) What would you suggest we do about it?
Many thanks and best wishes,

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I mentioned on some other post about the amount of sits available being extremely high.
Do you usually have UK based sitters?
Maybe the 90 day limit for UK residents is having an effect, i know it is something myself and my wife had to factor in when we planned any European sits.

This wouldn’t of course explain why there are lots of UK sits available too!

I don’t know what the answer is but I have looked at your sit and it looks great.

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Hi @PUECH welcome to the forum! Please check these similar threads

The first thing you need to do is fix the listing link in your profile. Right now you have copied the preview version of the listing.
Next you can boost your listing using the boost button feature.
Would you be open to International sitters for your sit?

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I think one of the reasons is the loss of the daily email. As sitters we used to get two emails a day showing all the new sits. It really worked for us, and many others as it brought to our view sits in places we had never even thought of.
We really miss this


@JackieX - I get a daily email of new sits for my saved searches which are quite broad areas - England, Scotland and Wales.


Hello @PUECH and welcome to the forum. As you’ll see from @BunnyCat’s post, there are many areas of the forum that address your question. Many of the reasons are based on adjustments that both homeowners and sitters continue to make because of the pandemic. I encourage you to read these various posts on the forum.

As has been mentioned, your link does need to be fixed. Until then, I’ll add for forum members that the sit dates are May 10 - 25, although somewhat flexible. This will allow others to more easily find your listing.

One thing I would suggest is to add photos of the bedroom and bathroom the sitter will be using. You will see on the forum that most sitters want to be able to see living areas they will be using. It would also be helpful if you expanded your description of the home. For example, whether the guest bedroom will be on the ground floor or an upper floor, as this is important for those who may have mobility issues. Also whether the bathroom has a bath and/or shower, which of course could also be covered with photos.


We’ve done sits in Johannesburg and Mexico I would never have found with a saved search. The Johannesburg one particularly was completely random and the first of a fabulous two months in South Africa…


Hi guys, I just completed my first house sit. Where do I go to offer feedback?

If you’re using the app, on the home page click “me” and then the fifth option down is “feedback”.

If you’re not using the app then I can’t remember!


Hi @HappySunflower and congratulations. As you are new to THS, I’ll just mention that there is a help button along the top of the homepage on the website. I often type my question there and a list of possible answers are displayed. I find it really helpful. I just did that for your question, and here’s the answer:

How do I leave feedback for an owner

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I can only answer for myelf in ‘where have all the sitters gone’. During the covid pandemic I decided to only go where I could self drive to…usually within a short distance initially to an 8 hour drive max. So for me that meant the US southeast. And places where I would be happy if I would have fewer “outings”. I was initially not willing to fly but have in the past month have reinstated flying. I was more careful about choosing a site (Tourism was not high on the list as I knew I wasn’t going to being sightseeing much due to closures.) I was more particular about choosing a home where I could be happy there as excursions would be limited. So homes with gardens and pretty places to walk “my” doggies and locations became important. Places where I could easily walk/hike/ wander on a beach/kayak on a lake alone or with “my” pets all became more appealing. Having good TV/news and nearby medical care became something I “needed” for the first time. I almost always wanted a dog for company as I knew I would likely not being interacting with the neighbors as much. As things are opening up I can relax some of those personal guidelines now. Hopefully as I start to look at fall/winter I can hope to expand my travels. I joined to actually visit places I have not been (Aus and NZ) and revisit some places dear to my heart. UK Lake District especially /Italy/France. I have been blessed to remain close to full time sitting in the US the last couple of years and remain happy and healthy throughout. But I know many sitters who cut way back and are just now getting back into sitting. I would try to be sure your profile includes what is and is not available to do now safely in your area, and perhaps add a line or two about how much/if your area has reopened fully and what if any restrictions remain. Show clear photos of your home, garden and pets. Many of my own friends are still doing food deliveries so nice to know if that is available. Even though I am with my pets almost exclusively it is lovely to know if I can also visit a garden or museum now. I do know that many sitters did not feel able to travel during the height of Covid. Hopefully you will find now that there are more sitters to chose from as the world reopens!!


@Pommiegran Speaking as a pet sitter, I don’t believe that pet sitters have gone anywhere. There could been many factors that cause this perception: Many sitters themselves may want to travel and/or have plans outside of TrustedHousesitters; many may just not be available for your dates, or simply, they may not think that they are a fit for your listing. Have you tried reaching out locally to pet sitters to inquire if they would be interested in pet sitting for you? If not, I would suggest browsing locals and if you see someone that may be a fit, send them an invite along with a personal message.

@peach I am U.S. based and I agree that I only go where I can self-drive to, also with approximately an 8-hour max drive. Eventually I would like to begin flying again and explore more of the West Coast region and other states I have not yet visited. Although I keep looking at places that I would love to visit, I have not reached a comfort level for flying yet…so, I will continue to select places within my driving range.

Though you joined THS to visit places you had never been, I joined simply to help heal a broken heart of losing my bestie dog Rocko. Now that some time has passed, soon I hope to visit those places that I have never been and spending time with the pet(s) will just be an added blessing.


Hi @Pommiegran I’ve looked at your listing and have some suggestions. I would add photos of the kitchen and the bathroom the sitter(s) will use. You will read on the forum that most sitters want to see the living areas they will use.

You have shown that a car is needed, which will cause some sitters to immediately discount your listing. However, in your description you mention that within a few minutes walk they can access a range of shops and a pub in the village. For a 9-day sit such as yours, sitters may be content without a vehicle. Perhaps if your concern is how sitters will reach your home, you might offer to pick up and return from a public transit stop and do a quick grocery shop with them at the start.

If your travel plans are leaving early or returning late in the day, you should mention whether you are willing to have sitters arrive the day before and leave the day after, as this is also important to many sitters.

If you have a standard or premium membership, keep in mind that you can boost your listing once, which will move it to the start of the listings.


I too joined after a series of losses. My mom, my best friend, my beloved dog. I found peace, joy, and healing through the many places and friends (human and furry) that THS has brought me. I wish you the same peace and joy I have found.


Thank you for your advice: I will amend the listing!


I’d say yes if I lived in the same country lol

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Hi Nadine

Sorry to hear you are not receiving the applications you expected this time.

You have received feedback from other sitters but my take on it is there will be even fewer sitters available after tomorrow due to the deadline for background verification checks. Just a snapshot of my local aeea shows 125 sitters and 24 of those do not have the full verification so their accounts will be inactive from tomorrow. They will be able to carry out confirmed sits but not be able to apply for new ones.

Some members will be aware of it through the forum but I am sure it will still come as a surprise to some of them who are not on the website on a regular basis.

On a personal note I have been a regular sitter for nine years and am definitely getting more ‘picky’ about the sits I apply for and accept. I also have a few sits I return to each year which leaves less time available for new sits.

You ask if there is anything we can recommend.
I can only suggest you re-visit your profile (I haven’t seen it) and ensure there are clear photos of the pet(s) and of the areas the sitter will use along with a brief outline of the pet’s routine such as exercise, meds, sleeping arrangements etc.

I hope this helps in some way and that you have already found some lovely sitters.

Best Wishes