Where have all the sitters gone to?

I think you are misreading my response, lol. I just making a general statement piggybacking off of your comment about how people shouldn’t wait around. It wasn’t directed towards you. Of course people should do what is best for them. Sits and sitters need to be a great/very good fit.

I’m giving my own experiences/perspective about when people say they are very much interested in a sit, but fiddle around to confirm the sit. When I don’t think someone is a good fit, I’m just honest and let them know this right away. My point is that if someone doesn’t hear back, they shouldn’t wait around at all.


But you did respond to my post.
There are two options to reply to posts. One is to answer directly, which you did, and this is the reply button on the lower right, or the general one on the lower left.

My point is that there are “ok”-sitters, but to me they are not perfect. I would not decline them right away, because I don’t know if the perfect sitter will apply at all. It’s my risk if this doesn’t happen and the others moved on. They don’t have to wait if they find another match.
Why should I go with second best if I have time to wait for the best?

Sitters apply to multiple sits at the same time and if I wait for 5 minutes too long to respond I can also be the HO who gets a decline. What’s the time frame for making a decision? A week? Two days? One day? 12 hours? Three hours? 10 Minutes?

Hi everyone,
I am a longtime sitter and homeowner on this site. I recently moved and am having trouble attracting sitters to my new place. Was hoping you all could check out my housesit listing and give me some feedback. Thank you!

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Hi Elizabeth. I don’t see your listing in your profile. Only THS staff would have access to it.

Hi @ElizabethW I agree with @Katie. Here’s a link on how to embed your listing in your forum username. Your other option is to post your location (city/country) as shown on your listing and the date range, so that forum members can search it.


Hi, we are new and are finding it a little nerve-wracking having had a flurry of messages. Then 2 people wanting to chat but having to back out due to finding other sits/situations changing for them. Other people are now not messaging back (probably because they found something else while we were chatting to the 2 original people).
We are looking for a sit while we’re on holiday so crucial that we know we will have someone. So not sure how to get interest again in our sit or at what point we have to accept that we won’t find a match and organise kennels so we don’t miss our holiday, which we’d rather avoid so Smudge can stay in his own home.
Any advice/tips/support much appreciated.

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OK, I think I have added a link to my posting in my profile. Please let me know if it works!
I didn’t realize I couldn’t put a link to my posting directly in the posts here on the community forum.
I’m new here (to the forum). . .bear with me!


Hi @ElizabethW We were all new here once and totally get it. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s a learning curve, but forum members will support you. Yes, you’ve added the link correctly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sitters: This sit is in Portland, Oregon - May 27 to June 22 - a totally walkable neighbourhood, and Tess has a litter robot. Bonus. :wink:


See above post about how to link your posting in your forum profile.

I’m not sure why you are a debating mood when there’s nothing to debate :rofl:

Do whatever is best for you as a home owner. If you want to wait for the perfect sitter or whatever your process is, more power to you. That is what works for you. You don’t have to overexplain yourself to me as your choices don’t affect me.

Again, we are comparing apples and oranges. I’m talking about people who say they are just about good and ready to confirm the sit, but don’t. That’s completely different from what you are talking about.

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If you don’t want to debate, fine with me.
However, if you respond to my posts directly, you are actually talking to me and then I answer.
If you don’t want me to do this, don’t reply directly to me but hit the other button!

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Thanks Lassie, I’ve just done that. Can you tell me what that does though as I can’t see where that will appear or how it would affect applicant numbers? Sorry I’m a bit of a technophobe and such a newbie to TH.

Hi there! I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I just made a post about why people need to make sure they keep their options open and actively search for a sitter/sit until the sit is confirmed. This would be exactly why.

I just had my own situation where I found a sitter, but after 70 invites/messages to other sitters. My original sitter canceled.

In my case, I messaged qualified sitters who favorited my listing in the past. I also used the search settings to find qualified sitters. That’s how I found my current sitter. I sent them a personalized message and also an invitation to sit. If you just send the invite, it feels cold without a message attached to it.

I messaged sitters who lived in my city and 5 neighboring states. In my message, I made sure to stress the desirable qualities/pros of my sit, but how they should also look at my profile to see if my sit is a good fit for them.

You have to be tenacious and determined as you will probably get a lot of rejection messages or unanswered ones. Stay positive and hopeful, but it is a sitter’s market right now. I sent 70 messages in 2 days. It was long and tiring, but the motivating factor was to find someone before they commit to other plans. If you think about it, out of 70 people, only 2 said they could do the sit. I would start messaging as many sitters as possible today.

Also, to give the heads up - the availability calendar has green for available, white for unavailable, and crossed out dates for confirmed sit. Some sitters don’t even use the calendar, so if you see white for their dates, it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t available.

Good luck!

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@chasib by following @Lassie 's instructions, you now have made your listing link/posting available for forum members to view. They can now see if they are a suitable fit, or if they can make suggestions to you that might improve your chances of reaching a suitable sitter.

My first view of your listing - without reading it or viewing the photos - shows that you have 4 - 7 applicants. This may deter some people from applying. If any of these applicants are going to be declined, it’s best to do it as you ideally want to bring your applicant count down to the 0 - 3 range.

Those who are not being declined can be contacted. Keep in mind that many sitters are applying to multiple sits and so if you wait too long, they may accept a different sit. If those are the ones who are not responding to you within what you feel is a reasonable time, you may need to reconsider whether they are suitable applicants. If any are of interest to you, go ahead and contact them and have some email and/or video contact, so that you can each decide if you’re a match.

You still have two months to your start date, which is lots of time. I realize it can make people anxious when things are not confirmed, but many sitters are waiting until closer to dates these days, for many reasons.

Sitters: This is a family-friendly home in a walkable district of Edinburgh with a puppy in July.

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@chasib - linking your listing means that people can see it and make suggestions for improving it. For example - I would change the headline so you aren’t “wasting” words. We know you have a dog and that the sit is in Edinburgh. Change it, for example, to say “Family-friendly house and puppy, in walkable area” or something else that. Think of what sitters see when they bring up search results - just a thumbnail. The first few words should tell them something they can’t tell from the thumbnail, to get their interest.

Most sitters will suggest more details about the dog’s exercise needs - how long to the walks need to be, for example? 3 x 20 minute walks? 3 x one-hour walks?


Thanks for your help, really kind and much appreciated.

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I was just about to write the same thing @Lassie!

@chasib I would also use Smudge’s name throughout the listing rather than ‘the dog’.
He looks adorable, but as he can only be left alone for two hours that doesn’t leave time for sitters to get into the city, explore and get back. So can sitters take him out with them, will he go on the bus maybe, or maybe the cargo bike you show in a photo?
Our family would love to do a sit in Edinburgh, but we would want to be able to explore a bit, as well as look after a lovely pet.


Thanks so much for your advice. How do I politely decline people? I’m feeling far too British and not sure how to do this without hurting people’s feelings. Is it acceptable to decline simply because we feel a bit nervous about them coming from overseas and the likelihood of complications that might disrupt their travels, or because they don’t have any reviews yet?

Thanks you that’s great advice. Yes he loves buses, cars, trains (still getting used to bike trailer, although he tolerates it with a bit of complaining :slight_smile: when attached to bike, he will fairly happily be pushed about in it like a buggy! Will update those bits. main restriction we have at moment is his injury and restricted walks 3 X 20 mins daily, which I didn’t want to mislead people about, but may change after vet appt tomorrow. I will also up the crate time to allow 3 hours max (it’s more our guilt of him sleeping in there at night and then being stuck in there in the day.
There is also the potential for the dog walker to come and/or doggy day care which we’d pay for, but doggy day care will depend on him being fully healed ,dog walker will do shorter lead walks for us.