Where have all the sitters gone to?

Hi, We started using TH last year and had 3 different sitters for 5 stays. They were all a great success. We have suddenly needed sitters for several things over the next few months and have had only 1 response. We have invited 4 sitters for other dates who have saved our details but they are all starting new jobs at the moment or expecting new arrivals themselves. Perhaps TH should ask sitters to update their status more regularly. I’m sure a lot of it is work situations have changed post-Covid. Not sure what to do if we can’t find someone soon though :frowning:


There’s a lot to think about when reading the posts. The more information the HO’s include, the less I have to wonder or guess about, and the more likely I would be willing to apply!

I sit relatively locally. The furthest I’m willing to drive is around 5 hours one way… And if it is that far away, I would want it to last at least a full week, even better if it’s closer to 10 days! With gas prices going so high, (let’s not discuss why, let’s just state that as a fact…) it’s highly unlikely that I would consider driving more than 90 minutes for a shorter stay. If it’s only going to be a week, it won’t be worth it to me, to drive a long distance, get settled, and then have to get back in the car and drive back rather quickly.

Because of my work, which is streaming live cooking lessons over video, it has to be a place with extremely reliable high-speed internet. It’s actually more important to have good internet than whether the kitchen is amazing (I’ve been pretty lucky lately though!) Those of us who are working and rely on internet access would appreciate knowing what your throughput is, using an app like fast.com.

Also, there’s no way to explain it but sometimes a posting makes your spidey senses tingle, it sours you on some situations. For example, a recent sit where three dogs. The homeowner did not mention whether or not they got along with each other. (Narrator: they did not.) They had to be watched constantly, as well as taken out separately to go potty, and there was no yard to let them run in, so each of them had to be leashed and walked one at a time. This was not disclosed in the listing. I was really anxious every time I had to leave, worrying about leaving them in the house alone, and it made the whole sit feel as if I were an unruly teen and I was grounded as punishment. So now if there’s any hint or inkling about the pets not getting along, I immediately give it a pass. (PS I speak from experience, my 2 dogs didn’t get along with each other so I either took one with me and left the other one with a sitter, or sent them to two different sitters.)

All of these factors (and more) figure in to what I would apply to. I have over 18 years experience going into strangers’ homes to cook for them, so I thought I would know what to expect. Caring for pets is very different!


@Pommiegran I think with everything reopening there will be a lot more sits than sitters. Currently there are over 2500+ sits open sits available just in the UK. Sitters are also going through mandatory background checks with a deadline of March 16th, which will further affect the number of available sitters.
I recommend adding your listing to your profile to increase visibility

Good luck!

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With all that is going on in the World, I am sure people are a little skittish about setting up sits in countries where things may be a little volatile (both medically and physically). We are in such different times right now.


I’m curious if the issue isn’t less sitters but that the site has grown a lot and there aren’t enough to fill the listings. When I search the US for example, I’ve seen in excess of 1,300 or 1,400 sits many days. Like before, I know that not all these listings are ‘active’ in that you will see many sitting there for a long time with numerous applicants. But that is a much larger average number than I remember seeing previously.


HI @Pommiegran welcome back to the forum, we’ve missed you. We understand the ned to get pet care in place, it’s a priority for all pet families.

There are a number of factors at play which didn’t exist pre COVID, one change is that some members are still reluctant to plan too far in advance and at the moment there are members going through the mandatory ID process.

We would also advise looking at new sitter members, there are many joining daily, reaching out to them as we suggest that they look at sitting locally to get started building up their THS reviews.

I’m sure you will have some good advice and feedback from members on the forum you can also add your listing to your forum profile so that members can view and offer any feedback, there may also be some interested in applying.

This link will show you how How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile


Oh man I wish I knew about this website when I visited the UK last in 2013 and 2015. I would of seen more the country and had more fun!
I personally would love to jet set over to the UK right now (especially Lakes district, peaks district) and house sit for someone (I live in Australia) but a few factors come into it. Obviously getting time off work despite having a work from home opportunity, my daughter’s school holidays , hubby’s work, the issue in the world as well as pandemic and yes, cost of fuel going up so much even if I was to get off at Heathrow or Manchester, I would need to hire a car and fill up which is very expensive. I have the booster shot too but yeah the issues in the world which I won’t get into but all come into play. Hope you find someone!


We are still here, reading, dreaming, planning our next adventure. There does seem to be an influx of really excellent places to sit. I have found the descriptions and pictures are far better quality now. The information is more detailed. The choice is fantastic at the moment. It might be the influence of the discussions here on the forum. I know, it’s made me up my game.
If you are in the UK it might be that some sitters are starting to go overseas again. However, that should be balanced by those coming from other countries. Who knows? But the balance will soon rectify itself and everyone will be happy.
I hope you find your ideal sitter and have a stressful break.


How do I find sitters who are new to the site? We did use new sitters last year but after they’d contacted us. Unfortunately they’re booked this year!

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Thank you! I have followed this advice. I didn’t know about the March 16th deadline - not being a sitter myself, so will perhaps wait until after that date before trying to book my pets into kennels!

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I think you’re right, but THS should perhaps not be encouraging so many new users whilst the situation is diifficult!


@Pommiegran There are couple of more things to try before that. You can boost your listing here:

and when you get to 7 days before the sit starts and you still have no applicants you can post it here

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Hi @Pommiegran search locally or within a close radius to you, new sitter members are not identified in any particular way, they will have their verifications, references but no THS reviews and we advise new sitters to begin with local sits to help get their reviews.

I’ve noticed this and can only think there are far more home owners with sits than there are sitters. It must be the only explanation and don’t think Covid is much of a factor any more


Hello everybody, I think that my concern might have already been raised, but I really don’t understand why we have only one applicant on a post to find a cat sitter… we are looking for someone for mid-May, and would normally have lots of applications in 24h, which is no longer the case.
So I have two questions actually: a) What could be the explanation? and b) What would you suggest we do about it?
Many thanks and best wishes,

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I mentioned on some other post about the amount of sits available being extremely high.
Do you usually have UK based sitters?
Maybe the 90 day limit for UK residents is having an effect, i know it is something myself and my wife had to factor in when we planned any European sits.

This wouldn’t of course explain why there are lots of UK sits available too!

I don’t know what the answer is but I have looked at your sit and it looks great.

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Hi @PUECH welcome to the forum! Please check these similar threads

The first thing you need to do is fix the listing link in your profile. Right now you have copied the preview version of the listing.
Next you can boost your listing using the boost button feature.
Would you be open to International sitters for your sit?


I think one of the reasons is the loss of the daily email. As sitters we used to get two emails a day showing all the new sits. It really worked for us, and many others as it brought to our view sits in places we had never even thought of.
We really miss this


@JackieX - I get a daily email of new sits for my saved searches which are quite broad areas - England, Scotland and Wales.


Hello @PUECH and welcome to the forum. As you’ll see from @BunnyCat’s post, there are many areas of the forum that address your question. Many of the reasons are based on adjustments that both homeowners and sitters continue to make because of the pandemic. I encourage you to read these various posts on the forum.

As has been mentioned, your link does need to be fixed. Until then, I’ll add for forum members that the sit dates are May 10 - 25, although somewhat flexible. This will allow others to more easily find your listing.

One thing I would suggest is to add photos of the bedroom and bathroom the sitter will be using. You will see on the forum that most sitters want to be able to see living areas they will be using. It would also be helpful if you expanded your description of the home. For example, whether the guest bedroom will be on the ground floor or an upper floor, as this is important for those who may have mobility issues. Also whether the bathroom has a bath and/or shower, which of course could also be covered with photos.