Where have all the sitters gone to?

Hi @Coco, your farm looks great. But I’m a sitter and to be honest I would pass because of your need for sitters to have ‘police checks’.
My wife has an advanced DBS check because of the nature of her work (paid for by her employer). Is that what you mean by police check? But I don’t even know how to get one if it is not required for work/volunteering and I can only assume I would have to pay for this myself.
I have nothing to worry about regarding a police check, but that’s an extra cost in addition to my THS fee, and quite a lot of hassle.

I suggest adding more photos of the parts of the house that the sitter will use (bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen) and fewer photos of animals and cauliflowers!

It sounds like there would be a few hours of work a day for a sitter, which will deter some people. Given the shortage of sitters now, would you consider hiring someone to do some of the chores while you are gone so that the work is less intimidating?


I was assuming it referred to the police checks done by THS? I know it’s not available in all countries yet though, but we did it in Canada when we joined.

Thank you for your comments and others comments.
Mentioned are too many photos of the animals - the form requests that or may I leave it out. There is only one photo per animal.
I have also been asked for more photos inside the house. This I cannot do for security. Years ago we used to do house history tours. Sadly this had to be stopped because usually within a couple of weeks we had thefts (from the garden and outbuildings). We are now very careful.
Sadly because of so many animals there is a lot of feeding and checking. We understand that this is a house sit that will only appeal to a few and the ones that are keen on lots of animals. I very much appreciate your help and comments.


Hello there,
We are new to Trusted Housesitters but thought we would join as it seems a great idea.
We have a holiday booked to Greece in August and would also like to visit family some weekends through the year, and need someone to take care of our fur babies for us while we are away.

However, I have asked lots of sitters if they are free on our dates, and none of them are, and no one has messaged me asking to sit either.

I’ve emailed almost 20 people already.
Is this usual, as I’m starting to panic that we wont find anyone.

Has anyone got any tips for me, what happens if I cant find anyone in time?

Many thanks Tracey :dog::paw_prints:

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The only professional sitters that I’ve seen in our area only visit the animals but do not live in with them: I want to know they won’t be alone.

I think you’re correct to a certain extent: many of our sitters over the years have been from NZ, Australia or South Africa. Last year, however, we had two lots of English house sitters and plenty of applications.

Would it be possible to find someone from outside to come and care for the horses so that the sitters would only be responsible for the dogs, cat and chickens? Otherwise I think, especially at the moment when there are more sits than sitters, that not too many will apply.

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I have also been asked for more photos inside the house. This I cannot do for security.

Are you willing to send them privately? If so, it’s worth mentioning that you’re not able to post them publicly but you’ll send them privately. Otherwise, like others said, it’s probably going to be difficult.


The first thing I would do is link to your sit in your forum profile so people can provide feedback on your listing. I’d also read the past conversation on this topic. August is pretty far out. I’m personally really only looking at June/July at this point.

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hi @traceymolly And welcome to the Forum.
If you have a read through the comments above your post I am sure you will get an answer to your questions, but briefly :

Recent events have stopped so many sisters from travelling abroad and many are still doing house sits, but only in home countries. I am kind of presuming you are in the UK? So if you prepare a good listing, there should be no problem getting sitters.

Other than Full-time sitters who will plan and apply for sits well in advance, I think the majority of sitters who only travel during annual leave/holidays will not be booking so far in advance ATM in case of any changes to travel regulations, so there’s no panic yet!

If you are contacting local sitters in your area, sitters who show up when you check their location on THS, there is a good chance that they will NOT want to sit locally in August - they will want to travel to a different location.

You still have 3 months before your sit, there is loads of time.

Hi I can send then privately but as there are 40 odd rooms this will take a while. Last year we had the most wonderful sitters. We were really lucky. We did a video call before hand. I asked in the discussion whether to shut off the rooms that were not being used but a few people found that not agreeable.

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Thankyou for your response but we are off to Greece and I’m desperate to secure a sitter so I don’t have to worry.
How do I link my sit please?

I’ve just looked up your sit and if we had been in the UK this summer we definitely would have jumped at it. I love rambling old houses (although as a practicality I always stick to a couple of rooms, less cleaning) and loads of animals is heaven. Throw in a huge garden and walks from the door. My idea of an ideal pet sit.

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You definitely don’t need to send them all the rooms. Just their bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and main living room. If people want to see more than that, they’re being a bit ridiculous. If I were you, I would just shut off the other rooms. There’s no need for them to have access to rooms they aren’t actively using.


But you’re not off until August. It’s only end of April. It’s not time to panic yet. If you search, there is a thread on how to add your link to your profile. I don’t have it handy but I know for certain it’s been linked in this thread multiple times.

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Have you thought about contacting your previous sitters to see if they are available to come again? Your estate looks so lovely, but between the number of animals, huge estate, and extensive gardens, the sit may seem pretty overwhelming for many sitters. Good luck!


It can be overwhelming so it is definately not for everyone.

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It’s July - August was last year.

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