Where have all the sitters gone to?

KRISSY27, welcome to Trusted Housesitters and the Community Forum. I believe you said you were looking for August sit, so be patient and I am sure you will receive more applications. It’s a super busy time right now with summer just getting started.

I noticed you do not have your profile linked to the forum. By linking it, members can see your requests right away and you may find you will get quicker responses. To link the profile, please follow below:

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Help, Website & Forum Support - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum

Give yourself a little more time and if you still have issues, make sure you come back on the Forum so it can be addressed for you.

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I am here and just had two house sits cancelled due to legitimate reasons. Still perusing daily to see if anything suits.

Are you able to add your listing or profile link to your FORUM profile as posted by Debbie (Moderator) above? Curious as to where you are. Thanks!


We just upgraded our premium sitter membership to joint home owner/sitter membership so we could find a sitter to look after our place in Queensland, Australia during our 5 month UK trip this year. Afer reading this thread I was a bit worried we wouldn’t get anyone to do such a long sit despite our home being a beachside apartment with no pets. I’m very happy to report we got 19 applications in the first 24 hours and I had to pause the listing. We just had a Zoom call with the first applicants, who are from the UK and are delightful and we invited them to do our sit. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for taking the time @Crookie to report back with this positive feedback! 19 applicants in 24 hours is awesome, as is signing up sitters as quickly. In reality many, many sits are filled quickly and successfully, but it’s good for new members arriving at this thread to be reassured that this is how it works most of the time! When do you arrive in the UK? Before the end of summer I hope!! I just flew in from Mexico this morning and it’s glorious!! All the best, Vanessa


Hi @Vanessa-ForumCMgr we are coming to the UK for winter! We arrive 25 November and are sitting to end of March 2023. Sounds strange arriving for winter I know but we have 6 months of summer here in Queensland October to April so we tend to chase cold weather sits when everyone else wants the sun. We are hoping to see snow over Christmas instead of 35 degrees and 80% humidity!


And @Crookie were these successful sitters in the first 5 applications??? Or would you have missed out on them if you were trialling the new system of pausing listings after 5 applications had been received??


@Crookie says they invited the first applicants

Very first applicant got the sit @temba


Hi there. My name is Tabitha, and I am new to THS. I live in the Cotswolds with my husband and two boys. I am hoping to find a sitter for my dog Rhubarb in August but have had no luck. Getting pretty anxious about it! Has anyone else had difficulty finding sitters? Is there a solution? Thanks in advance for your help. Tabby

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Hi @tabithaneville - Your home looks lovely and the location is great. It looks like a lot of pets but most don’t need much time so should not put too many sitters off. The snake and skink ( I had to google it so might need a little explanation) may be off putting for some sitters so I would be clear whether or not any handling will be necessary. Also, do the cats have a cat flap or do they have to be let in and out?

You pics look good except there is no picture of the bedroom - the most important room of the house to many sitters - definitely add one.

Finally, Is a car really essential? If it is and there is no public transport then fair enough but if there is a way that non driving sitters can get to yours from the train station ( maybe even offer a lift ) then I would explain that in your listing and remove the ‘Sitters need a car’ tag - this will instantly double the number of potential sitters available.

How long have you had you listing on the site? It does look lovely and I will be really surprised if you don’t get any applications - Good Luck x


Hi @tabithaneville I agree with Colin’s comments. Keep in mind that you are competing for a sitter’s attention. I will mention that your headline is the first sales pitch for your listing so choose your words wisely. On a website search it will only show about three of your first words, and on the app a few more. Starting with ‘two weeks’ is unnecessary as the search displays the date range and pets.

I would switch out your first photo for the one of Rhubarb looking towards the right of the photo (to his left). It will stand out amongst other photos of homes. Whatever first photo you select, make sure it’s landscape layout (not portrait) as otherwise the system crops the photo.

In Rhubarb’s daily routine, I would move your end comment about there being a lot of flexibility in his routine to the start, rather than at the end. Otherwise, some may stop reading when there appears to be so many things to consider.

If I were in the UK, I’m confident I could do that sit without a car, based on your description. I would need to look into how complicated it might be to get myself there and back to public transit, and would of course appreciate a lift, if offered. Some sitters will independently search to see how they would get themselves there, but if you want to appeal to as many sitters as possible, then add those details into your listing (and remove ‘sitters need a car’. Some sitters will pass you by if the information is not provided.

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Hello there

Thank you for this Colin. All good suggestions. I will cwrtainly add some more detail. Sadly a car is necessary. We have an electric car charger so i will mention that too. I did think i had included a pic of the bedroom but i will check.

Thus listing has been up since mid May and no one has applied to do it. Having a slight panic!

Thank you again for your fantastic suggestions.
Take care

Thank you thank you. I will take another look at my listing.

The buses in Chalford are irregular to say the least and would in one instance require a walk up a very long and dark steep hill. Great for those who like a challenge but not everyday!

Thank you again. I do so hope this all goes well.
Take care

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Hi everyone,

My partner and I are new to THS. We signed up for the premium HO membership and posted our first listing last week and would like to have someone take care of our home in Oakland/Emeryville (Bay Area) and our fur babies while we are gone from July 20th to 30th. So far, we have not had much traction on application. We received 2 applications so far, but one of them cancelled, and the other one is not responding to our message.

I would love to get your tips & advice on how to get more applications. The listing is posted in my forum’s bio. Is there any way I can also share my listing with groups of potential sitters in this forum that are looking for their next adventures?

Thank you all for your help. My husband and I really appreciate it!


I have been talking with several sitters, many who I, now, regrettably referred to THS that are all leaving. Here are some reasons we are leaving:
we are arriving to dirty homes that we need to clean; no response to applications or constantly changing dates after agreeing and confirming (so it is hard to plan); and/or the home owners or pets are some times extremely high maintenance (above and beyond the usual care); plus very disrespectful HO on occasion. Many home owners are fabulous but there may be other issues. For example, I love typical caring, feeding, cuddling and playing with pets; with dogs I am happy to do 3-4 walks per day and play ball. This pet time can be a wonderful treat for me, the pet and the owners. When the care starts to include more than the norm and the home owners act like you are a servant- this is when we start to cancel our memberships. Don’t get me wrong many homeowners are great, they go above and beyond by picking you up from airports or train stations and take you out for dinner or cook knowing you have had a long journey (do not expect this but totally love this care). It is a great exchange for both the sitter and owner when they have reasonable requests and are lovely. Others HO have no manners. I come and leave homes clean and pets happy. It just seems there are more and more homeowners that are taking advantage despite being sweet people. You can be a nice person but have a dirty home and leave me to do your laundry and high maintenance list of care requirements. I am not renewing and leaving THS and no longer referring. Sorry to ramble on, just feeling it is important for both the sitter and the HO to be respectful and reasonable in their request.
Wishing you the best luck finding good care for your fur babies in the future.

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In the past I have always had applicants within the first 24 hours. I have just put a new sit up for September and as yet no applicants. Is anyone else experiencing this lack of interest or is it just taking longer ?

Hi Susan, It sounds to me that you have had a bad experience but it really is not fair to make it sound as if that is a normal, regular occurrence. The vast majority of home hosts and also of sitters will be lovely, kind, reasonable and respectful. There is always a very tiny minority in every profession that are not.

Never let the minority cloud your judgement and opinions of the majority :heart:


Thank you very much for your feedback. I will try to rearrange some pics around, and see if we have any pics that both Gaia and Indi are in. Though it is a lengthy adjustment period, they have been getting along much better each day, and we have gotten several breakthroughs in the past couple weeks. So, pictures of them together chilling are not a far possibility at this point :slight_smile:

Thank you also for the info about sitters’ booking behaviors. This is our first time using THS, and we are both planners, so we are just feeling a little anxious when there is not much traction with application. But what you told me gives me some comfort. Our trip is about 1 month away, so we do have a little bit of time left. Fingers crossed, there will be more applicants in the coming days/weeks. Thank you again!

Janey: It is harder to find sitters than previously, so it may take a little time. Your sit is several months away, so you have plenty of time to find sitters. Your posting, home and pup will likely be attractive to many. You have even offered to allow them to use your dog walker, for extra flexibility. You may consider reaching out to some of your former sitters and inviting them back or see if they know anyone in their network who would be interested in your sit.

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