Where is the "Search by date" button ?

HOW do i search by date ? I cant find the BUTTON?

I cannot find it in the app now (iPhone).

Did not there use to be three bars that one could click to see search options?

Edit: Ok, I found it:

It is in the Saved searches that this does not show.

Two steps in the iPhone app:

Suggestion when users can’t find things: Just click around and you’ll typically find what you’re looking for when it comes to basic functions. You can’t go “wrong.” The worst thing that happens is you don’t find it, because something doesn’t exist. With phone apps, there’s always less screen space for buttons and such, so developers will have to nest some of them. They can never make the app and the website look the same.

As @Maggie8K showed in the spp for Android, but I usually have to move the screen a bit up and down before the three horizontal lines appear.

As @Timshazz says, on Android you need to move/slide the screen ever so slowly, up and down to see the three bars in the top right-hand corner.