Where is the welcome guide in dashboard?

Hi again,

I’m working on my listing and have been reading the forums to see what sitters want to know. I read there’s a welcome guide so I went back to my account on THS and could find nothing labeled “welcome guide” on my dashboard. Is the welcome guide the same as the “listing” info?? I’m on the web not the mobile app.

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HI @Trudzie this link will explain how you find the Welcome Guide in your dashboard How do I create and share my Welcome Guide? – TrustedHousesitters

To create and edit your Welcome Guide through the website:

  1. Log into your account with your email and password
  2. Click your name in the top right corner
  3. Select ‘Dashboard’ from the drop-down menu
  4. Head to the ‘Your Welcome Guide’ section
  5. Click ‘Edit Welcome Guide’
  6. Click the tabs along the top for the different sections of the Guide (My Home, My Pets etc)
  7. Then simply click the blue pencil next to the relevant section to enter in your information
  8. Finish by clicking ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’

To share your Welcome Guide, your sitter will need to be officially confirmed via the platform. Once your sitter is confirmed, you will be presented with the option to update/share your Welcome Guide via your dashboard under the ‘Welcome Your Sitters’ section.

If you still have issues do connect with the Membership Services Team

Hi again, I followed the instructions you gave but when I go into my dashboard there is no welcome guide section. My listing is ready except for finalizing my dates. Does the listing need to be complete with dates for me to be able to work on the welcome guide. I’m trying to get all my prep work done now before I put up the listing.

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Hi again Trudy you need to complete your listing and then you will have access to the Welcome Guide, I’m going to delete the Screen Shot which shows your account name.

I will get Membership Services to follow up when they are back on line Monday morning …